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    Poland | Energylandia | Theme Park

    They've just finished the highest hybrid coaster in the world. Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A5010 met Tapatalk
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    Three Word Story Without the S

    no S! :-P
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    Your B&M Count

    My count is just 3... 1: Baron 1898 - de Efteling Netherlands 2: Dragon Kahn - Port Aventura Spain 3: Black Mamba - Phantasialand Germany Verstuurd vanaf mijn VKY-L09 met Tapatalk
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    What Is The Most Overrated Roller Coaster?

    de Vliegende Hollander in the Efteling Netherlands, darkride is o.k. but the coaster part is terrible. way to short.
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    Accident on a Booster in Holland

    Polish fool, well known for his completly retarded actions...