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    Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to be closed in 2020?

    I do hope BPB carry on and get rid of everything unique and interesting about the park before my first visit. I’ll be reassured if I arrive and it feels like a Six Flags.
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    Your longest theme park hiatus?

    I don’t think the roller coaster of giving birth counts as a credit. ;) (Congrats on the wee one!)
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    Your Credit Approach at a New Park

    I’m a cred fiend only at a new park, really. When I’m revisiting an old park I don’t care about the lesser coasters, unless I’m visiting with an enthusiast new to this park. That said, when I was a kid, I’d visit the local parks (Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Knott’s) about once a year, and when...
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    Your Credit Approach at a New Park

    I find it interesting that this forum is filled with stories of people driving two hours for an SBF Spinner (the old +1), but in this thread A. is clearly a small minority answer, and suddenly most people don’t have time for coasters that are beneath them. :D Not a criticism, of course — I asked...
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    Tracking Your Children at Park

    The OP didn’t have to be read as a “pointed jab” at parks for not taking care of her kids for her. The OP can be read as her saying she’d like a rental wristband as an option, and she was wondering if others would also want such a thing. I’m not sure why this thread is intermittently laced with...
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    Photos from abandoned theme parks

    I love that second Ferris wheel shot.
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    Gets my seal of approval.
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    SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor

    Any very rough estimate for when this will be up and running? As I asked elsewhere, I’m planning a trip and was hoping to hit this park in late July/early August.
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    Your longest theme park hiatus?

    In the 70s and 80s, I went to parks a lot. Then in all of the 90s, I think I went to Great Adventure once, and Hershey once. EDIT: Oh, and Marriott’s Great America once. In the 00s, I think I went to Magic Mountain once and Cedar Point once for a couple of days. Then in the 10s, I kicked back...
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    Your Credit Approach at a New Park

    And at restaurants do you order dessert first? In all seriousness, I know it's a risk but I hate doing the best stuff first. So anti-climactic.
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    Your Credit Approach at a New Park

    This is true for me. If the park isn’t crowded or if there aren’t that many credits, etc., I’ll be relaxed and go about the park more naturally, and I may even save the best credit for later in the day. But if the park is crowded and has a lot of credits (and if they have restricted Euro...
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    Your Credit Approach at a New Park

    When it comes to new parks and their credits, which one of these would you say you are? A. I MUST get all the credits if at all possible. I must get them first. Only when I’ve gotten all the credits can I relax and ride other rides or get re-rides. B. I’m really only interested in getting the...
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    What are your thoughts on forced participation in theme parks?

    I know I wish most shooting rides I go on were just dark rides.