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    Sea World Parks | Blue World Project

    I don't want to start a new topic for this. Sea world are no longer going to let you pay $6 to feed the Dolphins. Soon you will have to pay for a premium package to feed them. Access to some areas will also be changed. ... tm#General
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    Disney Hollywood Studios Orlando to Remove Sorcerer's Hat

    Re: Disney Hollywood Studios Orlando to Remove Sorcerer's Ha The hat today. It's only a few of us that are interested in this lol. It's almost as good as a new attraction lol
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    Alton Towers | Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure | kiddie

    Re: New attraction for former Beastie site? Wonder if Alton will make this a family with kids ride only lol.
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    Formula 1™ Topic

    Never any point watching a race after it happened though. Cheers anyway. Indy is good but no point watching until the last 20 laps as people don't push until then.
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    Football Topic

    It's Madrid he's been linked to. Addy could be off to Roma :) and Paulhino is being linked away but I don't think it's true. All word of mouth sorry to say but the people telling me are normally right. Soldardo could go back where he came from.
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    Football Topic

    It's just been said on Twitter etc and Spurs fans at work. Some people go every game at home and it's been going round the ground for a few weeks now.
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    Football Topic

    I'm hoping we can keep him this season rather than next week he's expected to join Bale.
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    Disneyland Paris What Will Happen?

    I'm shocked they are keeping the backlot tbh on the last three visits none of the screens work the buses are not even half filled and there is nothing to see. The cannon half of it does not work and the London section is pointless. So they are going to need to spend money to do it all up and...
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    Disneyland Paris What Will Happen?

    Ah ok :)
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    Football Topic

    Well sounds like lloris is off very soon :(
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    The Incredible Hulk or Revenge of the Mummy?

    The mummy in my view. After the launch the hulk is just a normal b&m that is no different from the rest.
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    Disneyland Paris What Will Happen?

    I would not even call it lovely tbh the whole things s waste of space which I hope they sort out if they ever redo the park.
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    Disneyland Paris What Will Happen?

    That tram tour is the biggest waste of time, even if they add new sets its just not worth it. But if they keep this there goes a lot of the expansion ideas people were coming up with.
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    "Now Showing"

    Re: "Now Showing" Everyone is going to be upset but avatar2 is being delayed until 2017.
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    The Games we play...

    I see the word Nintendo and straight away think yet another thing just to flog to the die hard fans of zelda, mario and Pokemon. Do they bring out new handhelds every single year?