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    Confuzzled 2010 Manchester

    i regularly have a tug to furry porn but only if it is drawn not if it is people in stupid suits thats just sick justice for maddie
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    Music Technology.

    In response to Inverse: Massive bollocks. OH! Surely I'm "painting myself as an idiot" when people read what I write, not what you write? EDIT: Spammy rest of post removed. lol, you're clearly just looking for an argument and have nothing to add to this topic. I've asked politely, and...
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    Music Technology.

    Don't believe you? No, I just don't give a ****, because all this talk of I know these people, I can do this, is totally and utterly worthless with the absence of actual music to go with it. Who am I to comment like that? It's an internet forum dude, nobody's anybody.
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    Pizza Hut Bookings

    He's trying to make you the butt of a joke mate, it's only taken off the bill if you completely finish everything on your plate. If there's any food left, the value is appraised and taken from your reservation fee. If the difference between this amount and the total bill is estimated to have a...
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    Music Technology.

    But they've hooked him up with loads of famous artists and producers AND he's friends with Adam Ginsberg, you don't know what you're talking about.
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    How good is McAfee?

    I'm going to say "lol nice one pmsl" because no one else did.
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    NoLimits noobie needs help

    For the current generation of programs, yes, because that's what most of them were designed to run on.
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    The Games we play...

    Really ****ing irritated by the statement on that website: "A Saw game would sit very nicely alongside Konami’s other videogame nasty, Silent Hill, too." I struggle to see how shallow torture porn would sit nicely alongside slow-moving story-driven survival horror. Silent Hill 1-3 were...
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    Some really cool haunt props

    Yeah they're terrifying. ... annel_page
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    Freakazoid and Animaniacs

    Ugh, I think you mean: Is it weird I have never heard of either of these, yet alone watched them?
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    Freakazoid and Animaniacs

    Yes to Animaniacs but only because Dot and Hello Nurse are hot.
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    Formula 1 2009

    Say WHAT now? Awake for a reason other than a great night out? *mumbles*
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    Did You Ever Have a Mr. Frosty?

    Paul Cooper is exactly the kind of name you'd expect for a kid who has something that you want.
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    Music Technology.

    I might not have been talking about you, Inverse. Anyway, I have listened. There will be no crying.