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    The (board)games we play...

    I love tabletop gaming! Amongst my faves are Munchkin (and variants), Fluxx (and variants), Forbidden Island/Forbidden Desert and Tsuro. Ticket to Ride is awesome fun as well. I've never actually played Catan or 7th Wonder, even though they're pretty much considered the go-to European board...
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    The Games we play...

    I finished the main story on Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor yesterday. It's really good. It's basically just the Arkham games set in Mordor with a bit of Assassin's Creed thrown in, but it's executed extremely well. The voice acting is great, and the gameplay is fun throughout. I can't...
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    Fantasy Football 2014/15

    Re: Fantasy Football 2013/14 I've had a bit of a rough start, too. My all-star midfield just isn't getting it done (except for Fabregas <3). I mean, Spurs won 4-0 at the weekend and somehow Eriksen managed to come away with no goals and no assists! Looks like Giroud's gonna be out for a few...
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    World Cup Brazil 2014

    England will get to the quarters; I think they'll get out of the group and all the teams in group C are worse than the teams in group D. Argentina to win the whole thing.
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    Super Bowl XLVIII

    The Broncos have the best offence this year, and the Seahawks have the best defence, so it should be an interesting game! I'm backing the Broncos, because Peyton.
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    Fantasy Football 2014/15

    Re: Fantasy Football 2013/14 Well hello there! We're half way through the season now, and this is how the table currently looks: I'm coming for you, Collings.
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    What do you like to cook in your kitchen?

    I'm pretty adept at pouring a tin of soup into a bowl and then microwaving it. I also make a mean slice of toast. I'm not half bad at oven chips either. cool)
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    The LEGO Topic!

    Here's one I did: Classic.
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    "Now Showing"

    I went to see Upstream Color. It was definitely easier to follow than Primer, but still, when I read some analyses online, I was left thinking, "Oh. =/" I did enjoy it, though.
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    Game of Thrones

    FYI: All the ebooks are currently 99p on Amazon UK. It really is ridiculous value! Link!
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    Game of Thrones

    Err, maybe. xD
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    Yorkshire Tripper VI Trip reports.

    I had a good time today, despite it being at Flamingo Land.
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    Game of Thrones

    Yeah, the two main theories I like are below. Spoiler tags! Bosh.
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    Fantasy Football 2014/15

    Re: Fantasy Football 2013/14 My bad! I missed a number off the end. :mrgreen: 1084189-252567 Bosh.