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    Six Flags Fiesta Texas | Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger | B&M Dive Coaster | 2022

    The announcement refers to Dr. Diabolical as a female, while the DC Comics character is male, unless it's a reinvention of the character (which it probably isnt) then I don't think this is a DC-themed coaster.
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    Easiest major coaster record to beat?

    Probably anything regarding to the Suspended records, Vekoma could just make a massive Family Suspended Coaster (They count as suspended on RCDB) with like 3 lifts and claim the longest suspended coaster title.
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    Most New Credits in One Year?

    2018 with a whopping 78 new creds, 2017 is 2nd with 55. 8 out of my Top 10 coasters were obtained in those 2 years alone.
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    What’s your favorite rollercoaster by Intamin?

    El Toro for me, and then Intimidator 305. El Toro is #3 and Intimidator 305 is #4.
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    What coaster should Michigan's Adventure get?

    I think a small-scale Eurofighter like Hydrus or Adrenaline Peak would work wonders here. It has low capacity, a very compact layout, and also it packs in a ton of elements that would be unique to the park. Cedar Fair has worked with Gerstlauer in the past half decade on Hangtime at Knott's, so...
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    Your Defunct Roller Coaster List

    Including relocations, I have ridden: Ragin Cajun at Six Flags Great America Georgia Cyclone Avalanche at Timber Falls Firehawk Apocalypse@SFA Both Avalanche and Firehawk I went on during their last year of operation. EDIT: Oh right, I completely forgot about Apocalypse at Six Flags America...
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    Traveller's topic: Country's favorite

    OK time for an update, I've visited 3 new states in terms of credits after my last trip, so here goes: California: X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain Florida: Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa Georgia: Goliath, Six Flags over Georgia Illinois: Goliath, Six Flags Great America Indiana: The Voyage, Holiday...
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    What is your bucket list coaster for each continent?

    I guess I'll throw my hand into this little game, here goes North America: I've done most of the major coasters in the USA so I'm gonna say MindBender at Galaxyland in Edmonton. It's the tallest indoor coaster on the continent and also the most intense. South America: Katapul, it's a...
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    Quietest you've ever seen a theme park?

    Probably Michigan's Adventure last year. It was so empty and quiet it was kind of sad, granted we were at the park pretty late. I was also literally the only person on Thunderhawk (my second ride on it) and it had a breakdown while I was sitting at the brake run.
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    Favourite coaster in Florida?

    Kumba. I haven't been on Hulk or Everest and I only went on Montu once.
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    What are some of the best hangtime coasters?

    Monster at Adventureland is probably one of the best coasters for hangtime. The loop actually provides some of the best out-of-your-seat moments on any coaster.
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    What country have you ridden the most coasters in?

    213/218 in USA, 100% of my count (I haven't even left the USA ever yet)
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    Unsure creds

    The only one I really am not sure about is Barnstormer at Magic Kingdom. I think I remember riding it, but I don't even remember. There's not even photo evidence of me on it, same with Shamu Express and Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando, but I remember writing a diary thing on my trip back...
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    What was your first coaster to feature a launch?

    I believe it was Joker's Jinx at Six Flags America, but I'm not 100% sure.
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    What are your favorite “clone/basic” coaster models?

    Batman: The Ride clones That's about it, really. The only other model I can think of is Boomerangs but only if they have the newer cars/restraints.