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    Thorpe Park 2024?

    Rocky Express isn’t a thing anymore so looks likely that Old Town will be closed for the next project.
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    Ranking The MCU So Far

    Right I’ll do a new list for new phases the way it should be done. 1. Shang Chi 2. Black Widow TV 1. Loki 2. WandaVision 3. Falcon And The Winter Soldier Phase 4 has started fantastically I’ve loved it so far. Shang Chi finally gives us Asian representation in Superhero form. Yes the middle...
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    The TV we watch...

    He’s likely to turn up I need GOTG3 whether that’s as an antagonist or just a hero. One thing to note there’s no Space/Cosmic until next year with Captain Marvel 2 which I’m doubtful he will be in.
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    CoasterForce COVID-19 Vaccination Poll

    I did in fact call my GP which got me as close to the booking portal and that was it. I’m now partially vaccinated I did it once the vaccine call up happened. Had a sore arm for the day and fully fine. Jesus Matt I’m taking the compliment but im not 18.
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    Rides at Buffalo Bill's Casino closed until further notice

    OOo pick my Casino I will open desperados personally.
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    CoasterForce COVID-19 Vaccination Poll

    I was supposed to have it done nearly 3 months ago along with my mum as I’m the carer for Nan grandad and mother. 3 months later still waiting I could book it initially but then it wouldn’t let me book it because it was AstraZeneca.
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    CWOA | Project Amazon | B&M Wing Coaster (Jumanji Land?)| 2023

    I’m going to be honest the Picnic Area is greenbelt, I highly much doubt it’ll get Planning Permission but if it does go ahead sounds fab.
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    Rank the Star Wars Movies (so far).

    Ok here’s my updated one. 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Return Of The Jedi 3. A New Hope 4. Rogue One 5. Last Jedi 6. Solo 7. Force Awakens 8. Revenge Of The Sith 9. Rise Of Skywalker 10. Phantom Menace 11. Attack Of The Clones 12. Clone Wars Of course I can’t forget Mandalorian which to me is...
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    Quality Street; what are your top 3 flavours?

    1. Coconut love coconut so much 2. Fudge 3. Strawberry
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    Supervisory role

    Going to be honest. Companies specifically merlin do it through cliques if you look closely you’ll see it’s all done by friends and most of them don’t have the passion for the company. Some have been in the company for years and do have passion some don’t.
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    Your Favourite Ever CF Lives

    Honestly, I think my first GhosterForce Live was fab. @DelPiero brung the Chocolate Sweets of Doom one of them was either a Strawberry or a Brussel Sprout the look of amusement and disgust on some people’s faces. Every single one I’ve been to has been fab I think the one I’ve enjoyed the most...
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks

    To be honest, the past 113 pages have been the Jammy crying thread. Let’s just rename it that.
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    Drayton Manor sold to Looping Group (page 5)

    And just like that the Loopings Group have bought Drayton Manor.
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    Schwaben Park | Hummel Brummel | Wie-Flyer

    Don’t know how true it is but RCDB are saying this will open next month.
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    Farup Sommerland | Saven | Vekoma Custom Family Boomerang

    Looks like a fab little Jr Boomerang. Which has been open since last month.