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    Kentucky Kingdom’s next coaster for the 2022 season

    KK was not trolling with the height wavers. Actually the height wavers that KK posted with were actually showing on the FAA website. The project name was listed as "Raptor." KK then trolled the waivers by Photoshopping over Raptor with T4. Somewhere along the way, those FCC height wavers were...
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    Lightning Rod Status

    Most people would agree that the biggest part affected by the slower launch is the first two drops. The rest of the ride is not really affected. Pete Owens actually said that it is running faster through the quad down. So whatever speed is lost by the toned down launch is gained back due to the...
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    Lightning Rod Status

    Will be there opening weekend. Will give a report.
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    Lightning Rod Status

    Scott shot footage of Lightning Rod’s truck assembly in the very beginning. Would be interesting to see the entire footage.
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    Lightning Rod Status

    I also noticed that it seems to carry more speed at the top of the final turn.
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    Lightning Rod Status

    We have now returned to stage 20 of Hixee’s guide to construction threads. 🤣 Honestly I think it looks close to where it was opening day. But here is a 2016 comparison.
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    Herschend Buying Kentucky Kingdom

    Two things from the article that allude to Hart will still be involved. 1.The new owner will also retain one of the partners in the current ownership group on a consulting contract for three years, Carlin said, without specifying the partner. 2. Glasscock and Al J. Schneider Co. CEO Scott...
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    20 Years of CF: Tat Giveaway #3 - Gone and better best forgotten

    old arrow looper beat the **** out of my head steel Phantom its name
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    Herschend Buying Kentucky Kingdom

    One theory Screamscape posted was that Ed Hart and Hershend would enter some kind of partnership with the parkand that Hershend and EPR would trade Wild Adventures and the Oklahoma Properties.
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    20 Years of CF: Tat Giveaway #1 - Batman...Forever

    Growing up with a love of coasters, I became one of those dads who would watch East Coaster General's POV videos on Youtube with my kids on my lap mimicking the motions. In 2012 my wife and I attended opening day for Wild Eagle at Dollywood. Since the wait was about two hours we naturally got...
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    Lightning Rod Status

    I thought I read somewhere in the forums that DW was footing the entire bill.
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    What is the most surprising airtime moment you’ve experienced in your enthusiast career?

    MIne would have to be the first drop on Skyrush in the back row. I wasn't expecting that much ejector air off the first drop. The only time I yelled expletives on a coaster.
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    If you could put any roller coaster in your home park, what would it be and where would it go?

    I consider Dollywood as my home park. There is a lot of wooded land behind the Loyalty Parking lot for a terrain based coaster with the station in the wildwood grove expansion. 2 options here: 1) A terrain based B&M Giga or 2) A terrrain Intamin Blitz.
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    Silverwood | Stunt Pilot | RMC Raptor | 2021

    From what read, Kentucky Kingdom teased a Raptor Clone but they withdrew the FAA height permits. So my guess is that this coaster was supposed to go to Kentucky Kingdom.