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    Guangzhou Wanda Theme Park | Guangzhou | Theme Park

    That third launch barely seems to do anything
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    Carowinds | Copperhead Strike | Mack Dual Launch

    I'm impressed by this POV. Pacing, airtime, and transitions look great but the inversions are just kinda there? None of them wow me and they don't seem to provide much for the ride.
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Unknown | RMC Gwazi

    I could have never guessed they'd turn this into such a monster. I just need it in my life now.
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    Carowinds | Copperhead Strike | Mack Dual Launch

    This color scheme is turning out a lot better than I thought it would.
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    Favourite coaster in Florida?

    Montu's my favorite but I'm missing Mine Blower and all the SeaWorld creds. I'm sure Mako would give it a run for its money.
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    Parc Astérix Launch Coaster for 2021

    This thing looks amazing. I love how they added some elements before the triple launch.
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    Walibi Belgium ready for its transformation!

    That outerbank could be nuts.
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    IOA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz

    Can't wait to see what ticket prices will be in a few years.
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    Visiting parks with non-enthusiasts

    This. I always go to parks with non-enthusiasts and it's always a great time but they do tend to get worn out towards the end of the day or on consecutive days. For example, my visit to Cedar Point with my family was great, but on day 2 it was evident they didn't care to go back. My brother...
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    What do you like doing while waiting in lines for roller coasters?

    I just talk and people watch with whoever I'm with. Usually I'll rarely touch my phone the whole day at a park.
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    Heide Park Colossos retracking (2019)

    Personally, I agree that any major change in ride layout warrants a new cred. I feel like rides like Phantom's Revenge are without a doubt a new cred but in the case of SoB or Dodonpa, where only a small change occured, it is not a new cred. The water gets murky when you start counting new creds...
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    Kings Island removes Firehawk

    He was an aeronautics engineer for NASA so it could also be a reference to flying and a hint towards Firehawk leaving.
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    Cringe Worthy Non Coaster Enthusiast Comments you have heard

    One time I overheard a girl saying she closed her eyes and therefore "blacked out" on Millennium Force.
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    Chance Rides track spotted heading to East Coast of USA: Where could it be going?

    Aren't there height restrictions for Kentucky Kingdom because of the airport? Pretty sure a hyper was already out of the question for them.
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    SeaWorld Future Additions Leak Thread

    Dueling SRII's confirmed.