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    The Staff v. User counting game!

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    Three Word Story II

    and strange looking
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    Flooding at Busch Gardens Tampa

    Was in Florida during this.. Was extremely fun! Nearly had a car crash because of the flash floods (Only thing to describe them!) Rainfall only lasted 4-5 hours the first day in Orlando, Waterparks were open until the storms threatened to hit, which was good. Main parks were open as normal...
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    Three Word Story II

    Germany, France and
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    Why are coaster cars taken off the track during off-season?

    Re: Why are coaster cars taken off the track during off-seas Hyde is correct, all trains, rides, carriages etc.. are stripped down to bare metal so an external testing company (LTC in Thorpe's case) can inspect each weld for any cracks, fractures etc.. before it is then reassembled and...
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    S&S Screamin Swings

    ^^Only Engineers can change the amount of swings, which run at a max of 9 start to finish.. Been asked too many times to make it longer (Giggidy), like most things, I can only make it shorter!
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    Crash Pad ERT

    Crash pad ERT starts around 9:15.. People usually get plenty of rides before the park is open to regular guests. It includes The Swarm and the ultra exclusive never before seen Flying Fish.. (Tried to make it sound better than it is..)
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    Glad to hear everyone liked the Opening Ceremony.. Was amazed to see how it all came together once I'd gotten home from the stadium.. Also was cool seeing myself on TV for a brief few seconds! Also, the stadium was near enough full.. and the Closing of the ceremony was going to be a bit more...
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    New Loggers Leap Boats

    ^That's why we try to fill it with only three adults.. I'm glad these came along, they've worked very well and had some very positive feedback from guests when they got off the ride.
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    Thorpe Park 2012 Updates

    Just to Echo.. From memory Kali River Rapids seatbelts, Popeye at IOA and Cedar Points I believe.. But these are all on the Larger 12 seater boats.. So the thought springs to mind, is it even possible on the smaller boats?
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    Thorpe Park 2012 Updates

    ^Just a thought, But it could be more to advertise the fact that it is a ride also for children.. Since Mack forced Loggers and Teacups to change the height restrictions it advertises the fact that smaller children are allowed to ride.. As for Carousel that was due to Douchebags who...
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    Thorpe Park 2012 Updates

    Just gonna throw it out there.. Have any of you been refused a ride on Rumba Rapids because you weren't with someone under 12?
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    NEMESIS: SUB-TERRA [Alton 2012]

    Don't think this has been posted yet.. Shows a few clips of the ride..
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    Slowest Moving Line you have been in

    To all those who mentioned Saw... Must've been when I wasn't working on it.. We always hit throughput and smashed '10s yearly throughput. For me, I'd have to say Shockwave at Drayton Manor.. Painfully slow queue, along with G-Force come to think of it..
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    Merlin Entertainments on BBC watchdog

    Just caught this earlier, and it makes me laugh how people complain over a £2 charge, when parks like Disney can charge upto $15 per day, just to park, then even more money just to get in..