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    2012 Coaster Thorpe Park

    I was on Mania Hub and they were talking about a new ride for Thorpe in 2012, there is a picture of the park from some sort of plane or helicopter and it was when Saw the ride was being constructed, if you look on the other side of Stealth they are filling part of the land. There were many...
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    Last thing you ate?

    The last thing I ate which was literally about 30 seconds ago was a Whispa McFlurry !! :lol:
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    Saw Alive: Thorpe Park Horror Maze for 2010

    I'm going soon, but if it is anything like the london tombs or fright night then I will cry ahaha
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    Corkscrew's Inversions to be Part of Entrance Feature

    It is on the map aswell now, look on the 2010 map :D looks fantastic, but I do still think the other colours are better, it is a classic !
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    Thirteen, Intamin ''psychoaster'' - Alton Towers 2010

    I swear that they have basically given away the fact about the drop about 3 months ago. Look closely at the picture of the people on Th13teen, they are all staring up and it looks like they are rushing down anyway, so we need to look clo ser at the pictures next time another big coaster comes...
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    Swingy Spinny thing, seating direction

    You cant compare Vortex and Maxair, when they are like 60ft apart. Obiously Maxair is huge so you will always get a good ride. Vortex on the other hand isnt as big so you can get a seat which is low!
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    How far do you lower your bar?

    All the way down, I dont wanna die on a coaster!
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    Three Word Story II

    and threw it
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    Credit spotted by M25 (Half term...?)

    Yep, I have seen it. Looks pretty fun for credit whores. Sorry I cant help myself. :D
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    Cheetah Hunt- Intamin for Busch Gardens Tampa

    A launch coaster would be great as Florida needs one. I am not sure about the flying coaster, you see that Seaworld now have one so you dont want to have flying coasters everywhere. I was on Rcdb and in the new for 2010 part, it said BGA. But when I looked on the photos its just a family ride...
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    Saw Alive: Thorpe Park Horror Maze for 2010

    Oh, I was just thinking where in Thorpe is Saw Alive going to be? Because I had a feeling it was where Miss Hippos Fungle Safari is, Im not sure please help!
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    A Reflection On The 2009 Season - Yes, it's that time again.

    My new-for-you coaster was Oblivion and Nemesis, and Ramesis Revenge. The new for 2009 coaster I rode was Saw:The ride. The best experience for 2009 was TP fright nights! Parks I went to in 2009 were: Thorpe Park CWoA Adventure Island Southend Alton Towers Thorpe Park Thorpe Park...
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    Coasters Personified

    Saw: The Ride is the goth chick that walks around in weird clothes! :)))))
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    Walk around parks in Google streetview

    This is great, I have just looked around Seaworld Orlando and I got some great views of Manta, hope they do Thorpe Park that would be good, as the park isnt so big!