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    Terra Mítica is up for sale

    Terra Mitica is a pretty good park and brilliant views up the mountain, just pretty bad looking onto Benidorm! I dont think it would be a great place to make a Legoland There are too many bigger rides there already and to be honest, i would like those to stay, especially the woodie down the...
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    Have You Ever Been Evacuated?!

    Same. Was you on any ride at the time? Kind of lucky as we just took a lunch break minutes before it happened :lol: I saw people getting evacuated off one of the tops of a hill on Dragons Fury with harnesses and caribenas being involved
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    New "Groundbreaking" Attraction for Legoland W

    And also what park do you think the Jungle Coaster will move to? Lol at the banner at the top of the Legoland website with a shaded out Jungle Coaster - Thats Merlin for you!
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    New "Groundbreaking" Attraction for Legoland W

    LegoLand are going to put in a "fantastic, groundbreaking attraction never sen before at a LegoLand park" at Windsor. They have also confirmed that the hotel is going to be constructed at the old site of the Jungle Coaster. There has been plans of attractions in an old thread that I cant find...
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    The Best Queue Ever!

    Completely agree with that. Also the Dragon at Legoland Windsor with the queue in the turrets of the castle and the rooms up there are very good.
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    Most Intense Ride/Rollercoaster For Under 1.4m's/54"ers

    After doing Thorpe, me and my mates thought yeah we can do anything now we're hard nuts - til we ****ted ourselves on the Buccaneer
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    Chessington continue expanding their zoo

    Well Done Chessie to making a very nice African looking building and looks like Merlin are taking a leaf out of Disney's book with the Animal Kingdom Lodge in WDW. (100th Post and hopefully lots more hundreds to come)
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    Theme Park Attendance Figures 2009

    Disney are still the big boys and they will be for a long long time to come. But Well Done Chessie and i can see them going up the rankings with the introduction of Wild Asia this year.
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    Power cut at Alton Towers

    ^ Yes i know that, and im following it on by saying that he was right, the media were over doing it by those reasons and so forth. I only missed out on mentioning the media in my post, sorry about that ;)
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    New Plopsaland attraction gets stuck

    Wow I would of been bricking it up there...
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    Barry Island to re-open

    This will be very popular now due to the excellent Gavin and Stacey series and fair play to them
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    Another death at Disney.

    Very sad and its even more so when WDW is a place kids dream of going and some end up like that. Terrible
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    New B&M Hyper - "Atlantis" 210FT.

    Its now nearly 6 months and im still waiting.
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    American Adventures: 1980 construction

    Wow this is great! Cant wait for some more updates and hopefully we will see some bigger rides at the beginning of next season