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    CF Pokemon Go

    7322 1622 0862 Take me back...
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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    My first RMC was Steel Vengeance, that was one hell of an introduction.
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    USAirtime - NYC to Chicago Road Trip

    Day 3: Six Flags Great Adventure To the coasters. We picked up our Nissan Versa from just across the river in Jersey City, this was a tactical decision to avoid driving through Manhattan, but it also turned out far cheaper than picking up from JFK. We could have got a Jeep Cherokee for pretty...
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    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    Maybe he's South African.
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    USAirtime - NYC to Chicago Road Trip

    Catching up on your report now bud, the Live looked excellent. It's great hearing first time reviews of parks and coasters, so I'm looking forward to sharing my own.
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    USAirtime - NYC to Chicago Road Trip

    I'll be sharing day by day trip reports from my recent adventure across the pond. It was a relatively short visit, but the priority was to visit the best of the best parks along our route, favouring quality over quantity. We love the US, but have only visited Florida previously so it was great...
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    Last Cred Review

    Skyrush. Yeah it's very good. Found the restraints were ok, and I've got big thighs. It was only after around 5 or 6 rides it started to hurt a bit. Anyways went on it fairly early in the day and I was slightly underwhelmed, but it just got better and better with each ride. The lack of...
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    Rank the Thorpe Park coasters

    ^ this. I CBA to visit Thorpe at the moment. Slammer and Loggers were my highlights along with Stealth. All the other coasters are just... there?
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    Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium

    We need more Arthur type rides in this world! It would be a perfect fit for Disney or Universal. Did you hear snoop Dogg dropping the N bomb? Looking forward to hearing your views on Silver Star, it really seems to split opinions but I personally rate it very highly.
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    Dubious Claims

    Yeah this is my favourite. Not only is it a lie, it's the desperation from Merlin to slap a world's first tag on it.
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    Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium

    Joris is so underated, glad you enjoyed it/them. It really does get wild in the evening, and they let you stay on the train if no one is waiting.
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    Alton Towers and Thorpe Park Rumoured To Get Lego Themed Areas For 2020

    Would work well at Towers, CCL has been a complete joke the last few years. Ideally they'd remove the dungeons and add a Lego themed boat ride to the area. Not sure about Thorpe Park with Legoland being 20 mins up the road.
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    How much track flex is normal?

    Dragons Fury at Chessington is the biggest movement I've seen. Lots of people point it out in the queue.
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    Your most embarrassing theme park moments

    A permission slip to ride a coaster - that's amazing. "goon or nonce?" "goon" "here you are sir, enjoy the ride"