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    First Rollercoaster Experience Ever!?!

    My first ride on a coaster was when I was 4 the Great Chase (I think that's what it's called) at Six Flags Great America. I loved it and instantly knew that I was hooked; unfortunately I was too short to ride any of the "real" coasters.
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    Most Aesthetically Pleasing Coaster?

    Of the parks I've been to I'd have to say Grizzly at KD is the most aesthetically pleasing. Either that or Scream at MM; for some reason I find looking at all the cars as you're on the lift hill quite fascinating. Tatsu at sunset is also a favorite, but it doesn't rank as my top choice. Manta...
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    Knex Rollercoasters!

    I wish I could enter, but RL has been keeping me busy lately :(
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    Roller Coaster Essay

    That's a great grade! But only a 95? Should be higher.
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    Knex Rollercoasters!

    The attention to details on that coaster in incredible. Love the mid-course brake run too.
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    Your 2011

    This year was pretty good for me. I went to King's Dominion twice (once during my spring break and once in late June), BGW in early May, SFA in the spring, and most recently SFMM over the summer. My only regret I had was not going to Knott's Berry Farm. We were originally intending to go there...
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    Roller Coaster Essay

    Haha, that was a great read! Perhaps I'll do that the next time I have to write an essay. However I would watch your the first paragraph "Although" was used twice in a row. Is this true? I've never felt woodies shake, except for my K'nex models :P
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    New Amusment Park For Orlando?

    For a "small theme park" that aerial view with the coasters looks great!
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    Front or Back

    Sit in the back for the most speed and least air time (that's not true for all coasters, however) and the front for the view. That's what I like about the front.
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    'Hexenbesen'-possibly the most wierd flying coaster ever!

    Re: 'Hexenbesen'-possibly the most wierd flying coaster ever That is pretty weird. It also looks (probably is unsafe) unsafe but TBH I don't think the chances of falling out are high. The cone-shaped bars in the front look too close together for anyone to slip out of...
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    Knex Rollercoasters!

    When I was testing sometimes I found that the dog didn't lower itself, but I can probably attribute that to gravity (more specifically, the gravity wasn't strong enough to pull it down) while going up the track. Or maybe it was thrown upwards while it was ascending the track; IDK for sure. I...
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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg |"Verbolten"| Multi-Launch Zierer

    Re: "Verbolten" Multi-Launch Zierer for BGWilliamsburg 3.5 minute ride? That seems long, especially after looking at the track layout...
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    Knex Rollercoasters!

    Alright, so I have some pictures of an anti-rollback system I built. It's not prefect and it only prevents the car from rolling back if the dog successfully lowers itself, but that happens 99% of the time. Sorry for the long post >.> Here I built 2 small hills; the black one is the one with...
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    What is the most inversions you've done on one coaster?

    7 on Viper/Scream!, and I have yet to experience Colossus (at Thorpe Park).
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    Home park and proud?

    Well, there are 3 parks somewhat close to my house: BGE (Busch Gardens Europe), King's Dominion, and Six Flags America. To be brutally honest SFA kinda sucks...but that might change with the addition of Apocalypse. We'll see. I have heard that BGE is "the prettiest park" and I do have to...