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    Have you ever had a rollback?

    No, except for a Boomerang coaster :lol:
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    Most annoying thing at a park.

    Employers who ask me to buy some cotton candy ten times a day every time I use the lane.
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    What scale ?

    I don't really like compact coasters except for some inverted terrain coasters such as Nemesis. Most of compact coasters are small and slow with fancy inversions.
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    Best board game

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    UK's Best Red Coaster?

    Rita is not red. Rita is purple-red. Different shade. :roll:
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    Favourite UK Park

    The best park is my favourite park and this is likely not going to change. Alton Towers of course. That would be difficult to find a park in Europe that has 4 B&Ms + 1 Intamin and only 1 Vekoma. Usually it's the reverse.
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    Which is the UK's best flat ride?

    Det is not included but since drop towers do not count I voted a tosser named Rush. :) The only bad thing about this ride is a short cycle and I know there's a limit.
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    STEALTH (rate the name)

    'The Edge' would be much more worse in my opinion.
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    Sexuality V
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    STEALTH (rate the name)

    ^ Yes, I knew that.
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    Top 25 Most Played

    Play count. M$ you spy. :) Hopefully my player does not log things like that.
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    Sexuality V

    Quoted for truth :) [Double-posted for truth as well, clearly... - Rob ]
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    Sexuality V

    Quoted for truth :)
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    Sexuality V

    Apparently, You haven't ridden a good coaster yet. :roll:
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    Sexuality V

    Answered for the record. Heterosexual