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    Who is your desired winner of the Conservative leadership contest?

    The difference is that Boris is an intelligent guy pretending to be thick and Trump is a thick guy pretending to be intelligent.
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    Who is your desired winner of the Conservative leadership contest?

    Holy f***. There's some seriously scary statistics in there.
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    Next big UK Coaster

    Thankfully that won't be so easy now it has Grade II listed status.
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    Carowinds and Cedar Point quick report

    I totally agree. The Fury 325 POVs don't remotely get across the sheer speed and grace of that ride.
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    The Forums Upgrade: Do you prefer the New CoasterFORCE or Old CoasterFORCE?

    No complaints from me. Actually - one minor complaint and it might just be me being thick. The "jump to new post" button seems to be AWOL?
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    Favorite Sandwich?

    Yeah, that's hard to beat. They don't half bring a bill to your ass for it though.
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    Am I Crazy?

    That's some catch, that Catch-22.
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    Cedar Point in a Storm

    I just checked the Sunday forecast and this might be a likely scenario - "scattered thunderstorms" from opening to 1300 then "thunderstorms" until 2000. On the other hand, there's no rain predicted on Monday until 2100. Also, I'm not sure how accurate this site is, but it's predicting light...
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    Yes, it's the right-hand one. Fingers crossed it'll be open on my next visit on 31st. July. (I won't cry if it's down though).
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    He still needs red? What a rank amateur. Red's the easy one.
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    Wait...what now? Steeplechase Yellow was running? When was this? I've never seen that in any of my four visits and presumed it was semi-permanently closed. Were they running all three horses then?
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Unknown | RMC Gwazi

    Didn't realise this before and I'm mildly surprised that the two conversions cost the same as the ground-up. I guess the terrain at Silver Dollar City saved a small fortune in wood and construction time.
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    "Now Showing"

    Nobody listen to peep. Snowpiercer is a superb film. Original, exciting, spectacular, wonderful cast, touches of black comedy and (none-too-subtle) social satire. Highly recommended.
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    Ranking The MCU So Far

    I can't really be arsed ranking the MCU films, but if I could be arsed, it would look very siimilar to this - except with Black Panther nearer the bottom. So thanks for saving me the effort :)