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    Hutch's Roller Coaster Road Trip - Final Part: S**t Flags Great Adventure

    ...which is why I always pack a pair of swimming goggles when doing a cred run.
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    Theme Park Maps

    Park maps do my box in. This insistance on having a 3D view with drawings of all the attractions sometimes means that it's literally impossible to tell where pathways lead, which should be the whole point of having a map in the first place. Another obvious requirement is to let you know where...
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    Walibi Holland - 14th August

    Welcome to the club dude.
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    Opinions on the best European coaster, and why

    Yeah you're right - I changed my mind. It's Wildfire.
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    Notable Deaths 2019

    RIP. Last thing I saw him in was the second series of Porters a couple of months ago. Only a supporting role, but he absolutely stole every scene he was in.
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    Rank the Gravity Group coasters

    Voyage Twister Switchback Ravine Flyer II Boardwalk Bullet Kentucky Flyer Wooden Warrior Ten years ago I'd have put Boardwalk Bullet in second place but it really hasn't aged well.
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    Antinos' 2019 Thread (Sometimes I hate this hobby: Coney Island Cincinnati)

    Kentucky Kingdom is a cute little park but their "bad weather" policy is ridiculous. When I was there a very light rain shower came on and all the coasters immediately shut down. Not only that, they didn't allow them to reopen until a full half an hour after the rain had stopped. "To allow them...
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    Will RMC ever build another Topper Track coaster?

    "In the eyes of some", more like. And they're all wrong :p
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    Top 10 Theme/Amusement Parks

    I'm not much interested in shooter rides either but Maus au Chocolat is fabulous. It's even worth doing just to check out the incredible detail in the queue line.
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    Six Flags: The most Magic of all the Mountains.

    Nice to see some Full Throttle love. Second best coaster in the park after Twisted Colossus IMO.
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Reading this interesting BBC article about the future of space travel and discovered that a token from Kennywood will be left behind after the first commercial moon landing in 2021. Apparently it won a vote.
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    Green Lantern to be moved to La Ronde (unconfirmed)

    I don't think it's possible to ride Green Lantern and NOT get injured.
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    Your top transportation rides

    Off topic this, but there's a wacky inter-terminal subway system at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston which I looked up after riding it a few years ago. Turns out it's the same technology as the Peoplemover at WDW and is the only such system built by Walt Disney Imagineering that...