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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    Forgive me if it sounds silly/ignorant but is there any particular reason Blackpool usually aim to open new rides towards summer instead of when they reopen for the new season around March like Merlin do? In any case I'm very excited to ride this, about time the UK stepped up our coaster game.
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    Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster

    Damn that looks mighty fine. Junker was easily the best Finnish coaster on my trip last year but this looks like it may just steal that crown - and it won't involve the 4-5 hour drive from the south to PowerPark either! Can't wait to see progress on this unfold. Was planning to return...
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    GhosterForce 2016 Trip Reports

    SUNDAY 16TH OCTOBER Early alarms greeted us this morning which would make most people groan but to get 4 people in each hotel room showered, dressed and down to the breakfast buffet in time to make it to the park entrance, and in this case Klugheim, it was a total necessity. Luckily the simply...
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    Olympia-Looping at London's German Christmas Market

    Yeeeeaaaahhhh! I dread to think how much this thing will cost to ride though. What are people thinking? £10-ish?
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    GhosterForce 2016 Trip Reports

    Saturday 15th October Following the tiring long day at Walibi coupled with the fact many CFers had horrendously early alarms and flights I think everyone can agree that a full night’s sleep in the Campanile hotel was more than welcome. After everyone had dragged themselves from their slumber...
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    Bubbleworks Closing

    I still hate Chessington but the Gruffalo is a very wise IP choice, it's one of those timeless kids stories that will basically always be relevant. The books are certainly immensely popular at my work and the Marlowe theatre often has Gruffalo plays which always draw giant crowds, the fact that...
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    GhosterForce 2016 Trip Reports

    Wow, what an incredible trip! It may have only been my second Euro Live but these Lives are always outstanding. Big obligatory thanks to Ian (from CoasterForce) for organising it and arranging all sorts of perks, and to all the drivers for being great and not punching any backseat drivers. It...
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    CF-Live Dates 2016

    Oh boo. Ian have you tried bribing the parks with saucy photos of yourself in The Andy Fleece? You know, sweeten the deal, that'll get their attention. I may just book my outward flight anyway since I'm staying with a German friend in Dusseldorf a couple days before the Live but I'll be...
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    Alton Towers ride closures ... ater-ride/ Alton Towers has retired its Flume water ride after 35 years of operation, the park has confirmed. Opening in 1981 as the Log Flume, the Mack-manufactured ride had in recent years been subject to considerable speculation regarding its...
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    CF-Live Dates 2016

    Euro Live is a definite yes for me, I had so much fun on the Italy Live last year it'd be a shame not to throw more money at European parks. Sister_of_Fraser may be interested but I'll have to get back to you on that. I'm up for doing Sweden and since it looks so awesome I'd have to be in the...
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    Cinecittà World Closes Early After Poor Season

    I really hope things improve in the following years, I really liked the park when we did the CF Live (I think we all shared the same thoughts) and it's a shame to see it struggling. But the fact is with only 2 coasters, albeit GOOD ones, and a couple other rides there's not too much drawing...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    Really enjoying the rest of your reports guys, you know it's a good Live when we all have so much to blabber on about! Day Four: Gardaland Being a Merlin park and with the Italian kids already out of school for summer holidays we all knew this would be the busiest park of the trip and we...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    Brilliant report Ian! Love your heavy use of oblivious Mike photos haha. Still can't get over that Green was at MovieLand too, clearly she takes great pleasure in getting her husband to ferry her about everywhere to places she can watch his pain and of course judging the public peasants. I feel...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    Really sorry for the delay in continuing my report, it's been a hectic week at work alongside unpacking everything in my new house and trying to work on as much art as I can too. Busy bee! Anyway, onwards... Day Two: Cavallino Matto Today was the day for the park I'd done the least research on...
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    Liva Italia II - June 2015 - Trip Reports

    Wow, what a week! Let me just start off by giving a big, BIG thank you to Nic for organising everything, being a fab driver (you know you're doing well when you get a slew of flailing arm and hand gestures from angry Italians) and keeping the trip running smoothly and another big thanks to Ian...