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    Smoothest coaster?

    I found Air incredibly smooth. But it is fairly slow, so that may help.
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    Most Memorable Ride Moment

    The inside drop on Saw. I didn't know it was that steep, and that you would come that close to the spikes. Love it!
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    Theming a coaster to a movie

    Exorcist. That would be insane. Or Towering Inferno.
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    Rides you have a soft spot for.

    Flying Fish. <3
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    Confessions on a Coaster Forum

    Totally agree. I thought it was beautiful, but I thought the actual theme park was rubbish. It's like an Apple product. Lovely to look at. Rubbish to use.
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    Confessions on a Coaster Forum

    I prefer Vampire to Nemesis.
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    I made a chairswing in my class, but I guess that is too easy. How about a ride like Midnight Express? You would have the cars free swinging. Then the center bar runs along a runner, and is attached to a spinning center. The center bar is attached to the spinning center by a hinge.
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    Favourite coaster

    Tonnerre de Zeus. <3
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    Speed Hump / Camel Hump query

    I thought Stealth had pretty intense airtime at the back.
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    Roller Coasters = Eye Candy?

    Love it. I still love arriving at Thorpe Park with my friends, and pointing out which one is which as we drive through the car park. Also I love pointing out when the rides are going. It's a lovely experience. :--D
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    The best drop towers in world

    Detonator. My fav ride. :D
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    Most painful brake runs?

    I find Stealth pretty uncomfortable. The way you are thrown up out of your seat, and then forward is pretty wierd.
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    Theme parks where the best ride is not a coaster

    Thorpe Park. Detonator is the best ride. It's the only ride I am still scared about riding...
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    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: Alton Towers | SW7 | Unknown (Gestlauer?) World's 1st Oh god. Those stunts really makes me hate myself for going to Merlin Parks. I am just giving them money to make more rubbish stunts!
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    Favourite first drop?

    Tonnerre de Zeus back row. You are thrown out of your seat, whilst plummeting towards a teeny weeny little tunnel. Still scares the crap out of me...