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    Music Recommendations
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    What are you listening to now?
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    NEMESIS: SUB-TERRA [Alton 2012]

    Its not a random wizzard .. It was professor Haldane who had been turned by the Nemesites... He was working with Heather on the book and talisman that was dug up at the Towers .. you can see him in the original promo video and earlier in the comic.. Top tip read the whole of the comic and all...
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    What are you listening to now?

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    What are you listening to now?

    THIS !!
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    The YouTube/Vine Thread [Post all vids in here!]

    Re: The YouTube Thread [Post all vids in here!] Nice Winter Music. Good 3 part Silent Hill compilation
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    Three Word Story II

    A strange woman
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    Would You Rather

    Die quickly and painfully of chlorine gas poisoning. Would you rather sit in a pool of Piranhas or a pool of camel sexual fluid ?
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    Describe above object in one word.

    Flat. A deck of playing cards.
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    (BREAD)mushroom, bread, ham, Refreshers, a CD ROM, a laptop, a trident, a chicken and mushroom pie, poo, bread, a big red candle, a dildo from Bad, more bread, "special" mushrooms, a hat, a plate, a campavan, cheese, a t-shirt, Deadmau5 head, a lamp, tub 'a lard, more bread...
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    Three Word Story II

    which ruined his
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    Worlds Highest Bungee Bridge Jump Report & Video

    Ha Ha nice dude... I put Bungee Jumping and Base Jumping together really both are so much better than Skydiving. My dream would be a Bungee out of a helicopter about 2-3000ft above a vicious looking gorge / canyon and then have a release cord to rip out straight into a diving freefall therefore...
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    The Terminator 2 paradox issue.

    Well if you listen to Kyle's speach in the original Terminator movie he said that the defence grid was smashed and they found the time displacement device and that skynet had just sent the T-800 Model 101 through which was the most advanced Terminator created up until Skynets destruction Kyle...
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    Best coasters for you by type

    4D: Eejanaika - Fuji Q Highland Giga: Mellenium Force - Cedar Point Looper: Dragon Khan - Port Aventura Invert: Anaconda - Gold Reef City / Nemesis - Alton Towers (Joint Best) Wooden: Troy - Toverland Dive Machine: Tower Of Terror - Gold Reef City (Note not a B&M) Launched: Storm Runner -...
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    Most Aesthetically Pleasing Coaster?

    Anaconda or Tower Of Terror ... Gold Reef City By ddf14 at 2011-11-06