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    M&D's Tsunami derailed well as that, this travelling flume allegedly... I wasn't aware that flume rides had the ability to overtake!
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    2-year-old boy killed by alligator at Disney Resort

    Having never been outside of Europe I'd never really considered there being gators at Disneyland.. Do they also face issues with them making their way into the water rides? Would certainly add a thrill to any downtime that you happen to get stuck on!
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    Phantasialand | Taron | Intamin launched

    What's all this about a surprise?! I was only wondering this the other day - Phantasialand love building unique secret elements into their rides that you won't see unless you actually ride the ride. I know there was originally a rumour about a drop track on this which has been dismissed after...
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    Winter Wonderland 2015

    Went to Winter Wonderland on Thursday night for the preview event - it's certainly a lot different to any previous years. The layout has changed a LOT, the site is a lot bigger and there are a LOT more rides. It almost feels like you're walking into a theme park that you don't know anything...
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    Winter Wonderland 2015

    Just to clear a few things up regarding the spinning coasters... The coaster inside Ice Mountain is owned by James Mellors, the same as last year. The year before (2013) the coaster inside was different - it was Darren Matthew's ride on hire to Mellors.. So regarding two separate creds then I...
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    Phantasialand | Taron | Intamin launched

    When this was first "announced" there were rumours that it would include a Th13teen style drop track, has this been ruled out now? I've not seen anyone mention it during construction.
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    Tayto Park | Cú Chulainn Coaster | Gravity Group

    It's as smooth as I expected it to be, got a bit of a rattle but nothing too bad. The "inversion" has quite a bad jolt to it but as far as I know they're working on it. Most of the gopro footage (including mine above) was done by clamping the camera to the metal bar the runs from the sides to...
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    Tayto Park | Cú Chulainn Coaster | Gravity Group

    Fantastic preview day yesterday, lots of free goodies and more crisps than I could eat in a lifetime! The coaster is ace, really like the trains, which clamp you in but still give the sense of airtime. Speaking of airtime, it had a lot more than I was expecting it to. A good solid coaster, not...
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    Oakwood visitors numbers up 40% & new attractions

    I'd heard a rumour a few months back that the Eurostar invert which used to travel Germany could be making an appearance at Oakwood - although as far as I know it's still up for sale in Russia so assumedly that's not happening anymore/any time soon.
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    New Shrek (yawn) attraction for Merlin County Hall

    Re: New Unknown Merlin attraction for County Hall "Shakespeare's England" Trademark owned by Merlin Entertainments since June 2013…
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    New Shrek (yawn) attraction for Merlin County Hall

    Re: New Unknown Merlin attraction for County Hall Enjoyed reading those plans - interesting to see snippets of the Dungeon floor plan in there too - never realised how close the lift lobby scene was to the surgery scene! I see they've managed to incorporate another mirror maze into the...
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    Crealy Devon | Shark Trip | SBF Visa Group family coaster

    Re: Crealy Devon | Shark Trip | SBF Visa Group family coaste "A whirlpool of adventure awaits you as you're swept away in the deep underwater kingdom. On the mysterious ocean floor, you'll find 4 exciting colourful rides including the exciting expedition on the back of the BRAND NEW Shark Bay...
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    How do you deal with the offseason?

    There's a few good suggestions in here: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=33161 It's a dark time to be an enthusiast, although Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is a good shout. If you get really desperate, find a bowling alley with a rollercoaster in :lol:
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    Hollenblitz at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland - 2013/2014?

    As above, unfortunately it's just a Reverchon spinning mouse in the dark!
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    Portable star flier!

    That's owned by English showman Darren Matthews. It's over in Dubai with a load of other English rides (including the ex-American Adventure mine train) - the event is put on by the Mellors Group. As far as I know that's the only KMG star flyer in the world.