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    "Huracan" - Eurofighter for Belantis, Germany

    Is this the first euro fighter to have an cobra roll ?
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    Most intense ride you've ever been on

    Nemesis at alton towers, will never ever get bored of it .
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    RC Racer - Intamin Halfpipe - Walt Disney Studios DLP

    Im shure its a "vekoma big air" ... &Itemid=21. sorry if im wrong :oops:
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    Texas Giant opening date confirmed

    Looking good, shuld be an good move for the ride.
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    Rita - New theming

    From the photo's ive seen they look nice, better than leaving them fresh !
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    Will we ever see a true "Psycoaster"

    The answer is ..MAYBE. All the effects on th13teen are not upto date. I've heard that when you fall into the crypt the "wraiths" chase you out.Since th13teen is currently having downtime maybe we will see the completed effects at the end of the easter holidays ?
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    New Alton Land Unveiled

    I also thnk that the "dark forest" will take all pride over ugland and will be an big improvment to alton towers :D
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    New Alton Land Unveiled . I'm sorry if anyone has already seen it, im just positive that this is the "secret section". what do you think ??
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    Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion Giga coaster

    The first drop looks epic :)
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    Man Up! And ride Thirteen first!

    Is there going to be an video relese of what happend at the boot camp ?
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    First coaster ever

    No looping rollercoaster was rita queen of speed, and my first looping coaster was nemesis. :D