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    Music Recommendations

    I know this is shameless advertising but here is one of my new songs.
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    How Far Have You Gone?

    I believe it's bass -1. I was stuck there for ages until I worked it out, stopped dressing like a tramp and talked to girls.
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    The Big Question

    If you unplug the ariel the TV can't function. That's right. The body isn't functioning either because it's dead. The signal is still there though and being picked up by other TV's. What if there is just one universal soul and we're all connected to it? Much like your internet analogy really...
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    My New Music Video - I'll Be There

    Gotta say I'm really impressed. It's not the sort of music I'd generally go and buy but you have a fantastic voice and a great songwriting ability. It's a natural talent so keep at it. The video is great as well. If you get a chance check out my song which I've uploaded in the music...
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    The Big Question

    I'm doing a psychology degree at the moment so I'm familiar with a lot of what you're saying. I've studied the "consciousness" issue and read William James etc. I generally favour the dualist perspective. I don't think everything is a product of the brain though. I think it's the interaction...
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    Answer With a Question

    Why did you kill the game?
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    Three Word Story II

    proving his point
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    How Far Have You Gone?

    5th base....You don't even want to know!
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    The Big Question

    Firstly I'd like to differentiate between God and religion here. I believe in God but I'm willing to accept that I could be wrong. The truth is we'll never know until we die. For me there is an equal chance that he exists or that he he doesn't. Those are the only 2 options. It's basic...
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    Music Recommendations Here's one of my songs. I'm in the process of putting an EP together. Hope you like this.
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    Can I have your Autograph?

    I've got Pete Doherty's autograph. He has a really negative public image because of the media but when I met him he was really friendly and chatty and took a photo with me. I asked if he was playing a song I liked that at the gig that night and he said he hadn't been planning to but then he did.
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    Most Evil Person In the Past 100 Years?

    I don't think evil is defined by a person's actions. It's their intents and thoughts. Hitler was c*nt but I think he was mentally ill so I'm going to go with Joseph Mengele. He was a sadist.
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    The ties that bind...

    It depends entirely on where you work. I don't think it should be enforced per se. I actually really enjoy wearing a suit. I wouldn't object to wearing one in an office environment but if you don't feel like it you should be able to wear whatever the hell you want.
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    Music Recommendations

    Elbow - Mirrorball