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    Gardaland | Oblivion: The Black Hole | B&M Dive Coaster

    Re: Gardaland | unknown | B&M Dive Coaster What's with those strange support looking things coming out of the track all around the helix? Almost looks like what they use to install nets, but it doesn't look quite the same. I must say I'm very excited for this project mainly because I will be...
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    I would have to assume the new magnetic brakes will be included. Like you basically said, they are getting brand new trains anyways and doing a lot of work to the ride. Honestly, the trim on the drop doesn't bother me much. Even if it does still stay there and is used, that doesn't mean it will...
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    I do find it strange though that Kraken and Bizarro are the only ones with the vertical drive wheels. And I actually don't think there's any correlation between the age of the ride and how fast/slow the floors are, considering Insane Speed was built in 2001 and has floors that are so fast it's...
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    Well, they kind of will be changed a lot considering they will have to get completely new ones and install them in a different position. B&M floorless coasters such as Rougarou, Hydra, Medusa etc have the horizontal, flat drive wheels as opposed to the the single vertical drive wheels Mantis...
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    Re: Cedar Point Mantis to Close October 19 I think the conversion is going to be slightly more drastic than people are thinking. You can't just take stand up trains and plop down floorless ones on the exact same track. The heart line is going to be different for a stand up and floorless...
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    Carowinds | Fury 325 | B&M Giga Coaster

    Re: Carowinds | Unknown 2015 325 feet is exactly 99.06 metres. It's freaking gigantic. I would say there is absolutely nothing to do with them going over the 100 metre mark. Clearly B&M have disproved that stupid theory that enthusiasts have had of things they are incapable or not allowed to...
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    Carowinds | Fury 325 | B&M Giga Coaster

    Re: Carowinds | Unknown 2015 I would sincerely hope it's not a mole themed coaster hahahaha. I'm hoping that's just some plan to mislead fans and get them confused. At this point, I would guess for Fury 325 to be the best option, but I would be happy to be surprised and see something...
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    Carowinds | Fury 325 | B&M Giga Coaster

    Re: Carowinds | Unknown 2015 Also, just recently on Carowinds' Facebook page they posted a photo of the entrance area along with the caption "Carowinds is going down under. And we don't mean Australia". I really can't think of anything else than to mean there will be a tunnel somewhere on the...
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    Nagashima Spaland | Acrobat | B&M Flying Coaster

    Re: Nagashima Spaland To Build Manta Clone This is awesome news, Manta is fantastic and my favourite flyer thus far. I also love flyers so happy to see another one.
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    Carowinds | Fury 325 | B&M Giga Coaster

    Re: Carowinds | Unknown 2015 Nagashima is getting a B&M flyer similar to Manta? Well that was certainly random and completely unexpected but still nonetheless awesome. What a big year for B&M! It's a nice problem not knowing where all this track is going to. As for Carowinds I am actually not...
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    BGW | Tempesto | Premier Rides Launch Coaster

    Re: BGW 2015 Premier Coaster Rumours. I thought BGW was one of those parks that was concerned about capacity .... All the major rides they have now are pretty fantastic and I found the operations to be really good when I was there. I don't like the idea of adding this premier coaster to this...
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    Cedar Fair Announces Investment in Carowinds

    I actually really like that name for a giga coaster. But, I'll be honest this seems a little unreliable I'm not exactly how sure I believe it yet. If Carowinds were to get a 325 foot giga named Fury though, I couldn't be any happier.
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    Six Flags Great America | Goliath | RMC Woodie

    Commissioning trains is also a major pain in the ass, that takes a lot longer than you would think. I don't even feel like they'll be ready by June 6th. Six Flags ready, perhaps - but not ready ready.
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    Luna Park Coney Island | Thunderbolt | Zamperla

    The 'dive loop' really reminds me alot of the same element on Flug Der Damonen at Heide Park, it looks really sweet! I can't wait to ride this in July and see what it's like. I assume it will be open by then?