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    What do you find most scary? / Phobias?

    In 2002 I attended my first ever haunt. Universal's Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear in 2002. First time the event was at Islands of Adventure. They had a Fear Factor maze to capitalize on the shows popularity at the time. I was good all the way up to the snake room. I hate snakes with a...
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    What is your top 10 to do list?

    Due to so many coaster enthusiasts putting this at number one on their all time rankings. I have to experience it for myself to see what it's all about and if it lives up.
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    What was your first coaster with an inversion?

    Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure
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    IoA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz

    I actually rode this as a kid and agree with you 100%. This ride can suck it.
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    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi

    I say at least top 5 based on the layout. Of course I will never know until I get back to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and ride it for myself
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    What is your top 10 to do list?

    Fury 325 Intimidatior Nighthawk Afterburn Vortex Hurler Dragster Millennium Raptor Vengeance Maverick X2 Riddler Superman Tatsu Full Throttle So many to list but these are just to name a few