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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Not exactly sure where to put this. A friend of mine is currently in Dubai and spotted a seemingly mystery coaster going up. First picture shows (what I assume) is the theater at the Bollywood park at DPR, with the coaster going up somewhere near it. Second shot shows the coaster itself...
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    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    What happened is I think you've associated the fan recreation as being the Intamin one. Granted the exact track profile may have changed slightly from this animation, but it's at least official.
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    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster

    Pantheon progress as of 7/29, from the BGW Insiders facebook group:
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    IoA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz

    New aerials from Bio: But as I had been fearing for a while, it's confirmed. Trims:
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    New track at the B&M plant

    OVC with a fresh batch of pictures of Grona Lund's track: But the last shot is the one I'm extremely interested in: Several things here. First, the piece closest to the camera. Going from an extremely small spine directly into a thick spine, paired with that cross-tie density... something I...
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    Kanonen finds new life

    It's definitely Kanonen:
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    Kings Dominion Volcano and Crypt Replacements

    Yeah that's definitely KD's ugly gravel lots. The exit road out of the park shouldn't be an option to drive on, so I'm guessing these were taken on Doswell Rd. just past the train tracks: I'm sure we'd all be more familiar where KD stages new coaster track if they added ones more frequently😁
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    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    Everything after the little s-bend through the rocks at the end of the ride looks very forced. I personally don't mind them on RMCs cause of how deep in the seat you're sat, but I'm not sure I'd feel the same with these super elevated & open seats. Rest of the ride looks excellent though...
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    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    Gladly, although let's focus on the official video and not a fanmade version:
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    Walibi Belgium | Unknown | Intamin Mega Coaster

    2-tube track like that is definitely significantly lighter than normal track, but probably not man-power-able. Forklift or tractor seems doable.
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    Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion

    Haven't fully decided which I like more yet (brain still settling down from skyrush marathon), but I think I'm leaning towards this. Mako's main hill (the one before the turnaround, yes) is stronger than any air on Candymonium, no doubt. I think my mindset is that while Mako has the edge in...
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    Hersheypark | Chocolatetown | 2019/2020 Park Expansion

    Made the trip yesterday and got like 14 laps. Some thoughts: As stated earlier the airtime isn't as strong as Mako, but I feel this definitely has the better layout of the two. Where Mako has an incredible first "half" and almost no excitement after the MCBR, this is essentially one straight...
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    Rank the Giga Coasters

    1. I305 - All time favorite full-steel coaster for me. Being crushed with G's and flung in those whips never gets old<3 2. Fury 325 - I've had many changes of opinions on this one. Used to by my #1, then didn't like it cause it was kinda got boring, now I pretty much love it. Super flowy...
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    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    ^^pretty much that. KI superfanboys will say it's the best thing ever created, reasonable enthusiasts will think it's just ok, general public will eat it UP. Not too difficult with this ride.