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    Common theme park tropes that you aren't a fan of

    This will be a controversial opinion but I like paid fast passes. Being an enthusiast it is always a rush to get creds done whenever I visit a park for the first time. Many times it would be way harder without a fast pass. If I only have one day at a park, I don't mind paying 100$ for a fast...
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    Or instead of theming their new ride to a petrol station or big milk they will do something Harry Potter themed? Wonder if Universal will let them. Or these guys just came for a visit and the park got a picture with them.
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    Closed Season Park's Nov-Feb

    All 3 big Swedish parks (Liseberg, Gröna Lund, Kolmården) will be open for both Halloween and Christmas. I am not sure Wildfire at Kolmården will be open during the winter but the park is open. Tivoli and Bakken will also be open. Both parks are incredible for Christmas highly recommend it...
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    Strongest theming on a mega/hyper, giga or strata coaster?

    Kärnan, Flying Aces, Hyperion or Zadra. All 4 are pretty well themed, at least in the queue. In the over 300 feet segment I gotta give it to Superman Escape from Krypton. It has a great fitting to the theme colour scheme, an incredible station and a super cool entrance plaza. Just to bad that...
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    Energy Resort: New resort with theme park from the daughter of the owner of Energylandia

    As Pawel said. The daughter of the owner of Energylandia is building her own smaller park about 300km away from EL. That's where she's putting this disko. This should be a separate thread.
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    Major Rides At Your Local Park You Always Skip?

    I tend to skip Valkyria, unless it has a really short line or single rider line is working. It's not a bad rid. Most enthusiast would dream of having a pretty good drop coaster at their home park but it's kind of boring and doesn't do much for me. When you have the Helix, Balder and...
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    "Now Showing"

    Michelle Yeoh is a legend wherever you put her. She alone holds up much of Star Trek Discovery Season 3.
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    Is it safe to put your camera inside the bins at the station?

    Have never left a camera in a bin but if it is summer and I am not wearing a jacket I will leave phone and keys in the bins. I have never had any problems. Only problems I have had is when the ride does not have bins or shelfs and I know that I might loose my phone and keys. That's a big problem.
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    Roller Coaster TV Programs and News Articles!

    Documentary on Colossos renovation
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    Six Flags Fiesta Texas | Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger | B&M Dive Coaster | 2022

    We don't have a ridiculous amount of evidence... We have no evidence at all. Six Flags announcements are usually at the end of August but if this is something really special they might announced it before, just like they did with Wonder Woman. I think we have at least a month left to wait. SF...
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    Flash pass ?s.

    Flash passes don't have names and you can share them between each other as nobody will check. Just keep in mind that the bracelet style flash passes can be quite difficult to switch from person to person. The non bracelet flash passes are way easier in this sense.
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    What do you consider a “good” ride count at a theme park?

    Great topic idea Matt! I rarely spend more than a day at a park and if it is my first visit I try to at least do every coaster (I'm a coaster enthusiast duh). I might skip the smallest Wacky Worms and SPF Visas but I do all the other coasters. If it is a big park on a busy day it is usually a...