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    Theme park soundtracks that get stuck in your head

    By far Valhalla is my favourite, I sing it all the way through the ride and when I'm in the shower lol 2nd would be the big one's theme song. The blackpool pleasure beach theme song is cringy but it's stuck in my head all the time 🤣
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    Do you ever regret becoming a theme park enthusiast? Are there cons to this hobby?

    Hello again :) I've loved rollercoasters/ theme parks and funfair rides since I was a little kid when I went on first rollercoaster "the big one" and "valhalla" at Blackpool. I've not been to a whole lot of theme parks since I'm 16 and I don't have the money to go in my own but I met a few very...
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    Where are your closest ridden coasters North, South, East & West of where you’re based?

    Hello 🙂 These are the closest coasters to where I live. There are probably closer ones I've just not been on them lol NORTH: Flamingo Land - Mumbo Jumbo/ Kumali SOUTH: Alton Towers - Rita/ Oblivion/ Smiler EAST: Fantasy Island - Millennium/ Oddessy WEST: Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Big...