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    IAAPA 2018

    Damn that looks impressive! :emoji_heart_eyes::emoji_heart_eyes:
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    Vekoma Re-Birth

    Yeah saw that as well, but I have no idea. Could be a park that we know or an obscure park somewhere in Asia :rolleyes: Maybe because it only has 2 inversions, or maybe because they have more extreme versions in the works, all will be revealed in time I am sure of it ;)
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    Vekoma Re-Birth Did not see it posted yet but in my opinion this looks amazing :)
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    Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion

    The name is fine i guess a bit generic but it will do the job, that logo however needs to be changed..... it looks like someone only spend like 40 minutes on the design
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    Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster

    Toverland is really going in the right direction, I love the park :) however when I bring it up with the GP the first reaction I almost always get is, isn't that that small indoor park I visited 10 years ago? apparently few people from the GP know that Toverland has expanded so much in the last...
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    Wuxi Sunac Land | Soaring With Eagle | B&M Wing Coaster/Mack Blue Fire Clone

    When this beast is finished I have to go there :emoji_heart_eyes:
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    Top 10 Theme/Amusement Parks

    I haven't visited many parks outside my direct environment so my top 10 are mostly dutch theme parks ;) 1. Efteling 2. Toverland 3. Phantasialand 4. Tivoli gardens 5. Seaworld Orlando 6. Disney Paris 7. Movie park Germany 8. Hellendoorn 9. Slagharen 10. Duinrel
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    Polar Ocean Park | Shanghai | Marine Theme Park

    OK... I am interested in this coaster. It is looking quite good, cannot wait for the POV
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    Rank the B&M Wing Coasters

    The newly added Fenix @ Toverland is my favorite :emoji_smile:
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    Best floorless

    best floorless I have done is: Dæmonen - Tivoli Gardens
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    Efteling | Max & Moritz | Mack Powered Coasters

    I am sad that one of my favorites of the park has to go, but the Efteling did need a real kiddy coaster, and buidling two at the same time is great for capacity! personnally I the concept was made "quick" because, how I understood it their first intention was to keep the BOB and not replace it...
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    What was your first coaster to feature a launch?

    Booster bike Toverland
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    Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster

    I cannot believe how quickly Toverland put up this beast of a coaster.... cannot wait until the whole area is completed!
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    Global 100 Theme Park | Hainan China | Theme Park

    Love how the park is so massive in scale and awesome in execution! :emoji_zipper_mouth: ****.