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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce Wooden Coaster - Knight Valley El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure T Express - Everland GeForce - Holiday Park Colossos - Heide Park Hakugei - Nagashima Spa Land Fireball - Happy Valley Shanghai RFII - Waldameer Piraten / Megalite clones
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    Haiti. Adventure Ocean Oasis

    100% is. I'll pretty much count anything especially when it's the only coaster I've been on this year.
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    Haiti. Adventure Ocean Oasis

    Whilst I tend not to attend many theme parks anymore. When you end up in resort with a roller coaster you may as well push up your CC. Whilst voyaging around the Caribbean I ended up in Labadee, Haiti where they have a Alphine Coaster. These were the pictures I took whilst around it. Very...
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    CF Lives 2017

    The 2 lives i wanted to do (Asterix/Plopsa + GhosterForce) are perfect dates. So definitely up for them.
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    CF Lives 2017

    I like the idea of Plopsa/Asterix. Movie/Hansa/Heide is a yes if the dates are good.
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    Gigs 'n' Tours

    Dubstep awards in Birmingham this Saturday. Odd Future next March. Can't Wait
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    Gigs 'n' Tours

    Went to see Odd Future on Wednesday, was incredible. Can't wait to see them at Reading
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    Park Maps

    I literally have hundreds, that I keep boxed up in my room, with some pretty rare ones, and a giant Cedar Point map on my wall. My favourite map is SFMM as it is just full of Credz <3 I recently went through them and have a pile of maps that i'm going to get rid of and I'm more than happy to...
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    Top 3 Amusement/Theme Parks

    1. Europa Park - Absolutely huge, incredible theming, great credits, Silver Star, great food choice, good beer selection, could have spent a few more days there easily, Football bumper cars. </3. Too many Macks, needs two great coasters (Invert & Dive Machine) and an epic drop tower. 2. Port...
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    Haha :lol:
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    Green Lantern - New credit... or not?

    Not a new credit.
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    Fit male celebs

    Stalin in 1902
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    Huge fan :) I started about a year and a half ago, during the time I broke up with my ex after a longish relationship and got more and more in to it, i.e. learning to roll, knowing about different strands etccc Recently I haven't smoked it as I have exams at school and I am at home everyday...
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    How many siblings do you have?

    1 Sister (13) 2 Half Brothers (4 & 2) 2 Step Brothers (16 & 14) Only a few people have met them (e.g. Taylor, Ryan) and Hixee saw my half brothers at the airport
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    Sexuality VI

    I would say straight, but I ended up with Taylor. So.... ...Confused