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    Big Dipper derailed

    Amanda the ****ing bitch :lol: Sorry, had to... Really sad news, Dipper is a fantastic old ride, but with two accidents in less than 12 months, I can't see it being around much longer, even after all the work they did over the winter, which makes this accident even more depressing and...
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    Rita - New theming

    Lol, yep, it is just called Rita now. New logo and everything.
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    What Is The Best U.K Theme Park?

    Wasn't this a thread just a month or two ago :roll: Ah well, it was Alton then and it sure as hell han't changed.
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    What Parks do you know like the back of your hand?

    I know Alton like the back of my hand and I couldn't get lost in Blackpool, although every now and then I might get momentarily confused about where exaclty I am supposed to be going.
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    Rita - New theming

    Rita is just one word. Queen Of Speed was dropped for this year.
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    SW7 alton towers

    If these rumours were true, Alton would have 50 woodies and 20 valley coasters :lol: JW has said he has designed 6 woodies in total for Alton, but none of them have gone through. He also said on Thriteen's opening day that they don't know what the next SW will be but are hoping to have a...
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    Rita - New theming

    I was not convinced when they shown the Flickr pictures, but after seeing it in person, I think it is fantastic. The only thing is the launch announcement. "You must escape"? Someone needs to point out that you end up where you started, so you are not escaping, or atleast it should be clear what...
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    Best coaster name of all time

    Nemesis is the best in my opinion. It's exciting and intimidating, and because it isn't used very often, even for many non-coaster-nuts, the word conjures up an image of the ride, which is great PR for Alton :lol:
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    First Rollercoaster Experience Ever!?!

    It was most likely a Big Apple or Super Dragon, or something along those lines. Maybe one of the two dragon coasters at Camelot, depending on when they were built and stuff. When I was very young, I was terrified of even those little pay-per-play things outside supermarkets that just go up and...
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    is there anyone else so obsessed with coasters

    I'd love to have a role like John Wardley had in the 90s. Designing the ride would be boring and painfull at times, with al the calculations and stuff, but at the same time, I would like to be involved with the design. I'd also love to be part of the experience and theming side. What Wardley...
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    First coaster of 2010

    Turned out it was Sonic Spinball, Oblivion was second and Thirteen third. Can't remember my predictions, but I'm pretty sure Oblivion and Thirteen were mentioned, so wasn't far off.
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    Most Disappointing Ride

    I was expecting Rita to be cack, so it didn't disapoint (love it now, though, shows how much difference a seat can make). For me it is probably PMBO, although I love the expereince of it, the ride itself is, in all honesty, a bit pants.
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    Crazy Coaster's Dev Topic: UPDATE pg. 8

    Don't like the name (although logo is great), but love the ride. Awesome!
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    5 best UK rides/rollercoasters

    I'll seperate coasters from flat and dark rides, I really don't think it right to compare them side by side this way, so as far as the coasters I habe riden go: 1. Nemesis. I doubt nothing will ever change this, it is simply my ideal coaster. =2. Thirteen. Yes, I know it's reaction here...
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    Launchers Paradise, NoLimits Competition

    Count me out of this one. Unfortunately I am unable to finish the track :'( However I will try and judge the rider's choice and will hopefully make the next comp. Good luck to all who enter!