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    What’s your favorite rollercoaster by Intamin?

    Expedition GeForce It's still butter smooth, arguably offers the most enjoyable airtime on any coaster i've experienced, and has the best 1st dtop. The perfect coaster!
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    What is your favourite drop tower?

    Ikaros for the complete experience as nothing has even come close to offering that caliber of an experience., but drop wise it goes to the giant drop attached to tower of terror. Compared to Lex Luthor and Zumanjaro I actually got solid airtime that lasted for what felt like eternity.
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    What is your top 10 to do list?

    1. T-Express 2. Eejaniaka/Dinoconda 3. Do-Dodonpa 4. Dueling Dragon 5. Hakugei 6. Zadra 7. Taiga 8. Coaster @ PNE 9. Anaconda @ GRC 10. Wood Coaster
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    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Every RMC coaster is overrated and I can't wait for the RMC hype train to die.
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    Favourite coaster drop?

    EGF's by far! That combination of lats and airtime is just too good.
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    What is your bucket list coaster for each continent?

    North America: Coaster @ PNE Don't have a lot to pick from though South America: Anything just so I can say I've ridden a coaster in South America Europe: Taiga for the time being until that Walibi Belgium Mega opens Africa: Anaconda Asia: T-Express this has been the 2nd most anticipated coaster...
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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    The thought crossed my mind with Trimless Voyage a few months ago and DC Rivals seemed like the next logical coaster to implement the 0 ranking. Both of the coasters I give a 0 ranking aren't technically in my official rankings as I judge on the average everyday ride, but both rides in their...
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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    Recently completed a trip to the Gold Coast. Not a lot of coasters ridden (15 to be exact), yet one of them was amongst the very best in the world. DC Rivals was absolutely phenomenal. A near perfect coaster. My only complaints is I wish the airtime was just slightly more sustained. The layout...
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    Best coaster lineup in terms of quality?

    Holiday World 5 coasters with 4 of them are truly amazing coasters and the last one is their kids coaster.
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    Rank the RMCs

    Expecting some hate! 1. Wildfire 2. Lightning Rod 3. Steel Vengeance Massive disappointment if I'm being honest and each ride made me find the ride more overrated. 4. Twisted Colossus 5. Iron Rattler 6. RailBlazer 7. Outlaw Run 8. Wicked Cyclone 9. Twisted Timbers Probably the most overrated...
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    Milestone Coasters in Your Count

    Hit 900 back in early June on SV
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    Top 10(ish): 2020 Edition - page 96

    Another big road trip in the US is complete. Surprisingly my top 10 went unchanged. I definitely thought SV was going to be a top 5 coaster if not my #1, but I guess not. Red coasters are new to me, blue are coasters that moved up, and green for ones that moved down. Trimless Voyage was so good...
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    What ride gives the best airtime(not amount beat)

    It's really a shame that EGF isn't an option. I found the airtime to be as strong as El Toro's, but executed better. T-Bar's and multiple sustained ejector hills make for the perfect airtime machine.
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    What percentage of your coaster rankings constitutes a 10/10 rating for you?

    I'm really picky when it comes to giving coasters 10/10. I tend to go by a percentage system of take a coaster's placement subtract from your total count and divide that number by your count and that value is the ranking. Ex: my #10 would get a 862 out of 872 or 9.885/10. However, I realized...
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    CoasterForce's favourite coasters 2018

    23/25 just missing the new for 2018 rmcs. It feels weird as an American to have all of the European rides that placed top 25, but not all of the American ones.