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    Apollo's Chariot Re-Creation

    Lift hill NL1.
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    What's next for RMC?

    Re: What's next for RMC? New Concept Coaster (page 4) The trains suggest mega coaster if comparing them to Giovanola's Titan and Goliath trains. Also, imagine if this concept was used on a roller coaster like I305... does anyone else think they wouldn't have had such an issue with...
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    Cedar Point | Valravn | B&M Dive Machine

    Re: Cedar Point Closes Good Time Theatre-B&M Dive Coaster 20 B&M dive machines = glorified floorless? In terms of ride experience, wouldn't this be slightly redundant considering the Mantis → Rougarou conversion? Floorless cars (assuming that's how it will be), four inversions, B&M... just...
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    Most Intense Ride You've Ever Ridden

    Roller coaster - Maverick, in an awesome way. What a rush. It had my endorphins going in the final brake run. I couldn't quit smiling. Not only a mental high, but a physical one too, similar to how I'd feel after 20 minutes of vigorous exercise. Probably the only roller coaster that ever made me...
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    Does size matter?

    Let's not forget Maverick.
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    Riddler's Revenge was awesome, or at least it was when I rode it 12 years ago. Does it still stand out for a stand-up? No pun intended. But I never knew how they could have been that unpopular with something like Riddler in existence. It's like, comparable to what Alpengeist is for inverts. A...
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    Re: Cedar Point Mantis to Close October 19 ^ I was referring to the six basic/pure colors, and not just shades of the same one. But yeah, it'd be nice if they revamp the station too. It looks pretty dull in its current state.
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    Cedar Point | Rougarou | Mantis Floorless Conversion

    Re: Cedar Point Mantis to Close October 19 Nice to see the orange (track) paint being added to CP's skyline. They were going overboard with red (Dragster + Magnum + Maverick + Iron Dragon...) and blue (Millennium + GateKeeper + Corkscrew + Blue Streak...). And there's still the yellow track on...
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    Most Infamous Coasters

    Oh yeah, I think this one wins, hands down. Forgot about the "terrible trio"/"terrifying triplets"... (Full article here) Yikes.
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    Most Infamous Coasters

    Fiesta Texas' former Rattler for the structure's excessive swaying. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but it was still unsettling to watch: The initial drop had also shrunk more than 40 feet due to multiple reprofilings since debut. Nürburgring's...
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    All Giga Coasters, least to greatest

    Only two I've ridden. MF and I305. Can't really decide which is better so, they're equal.
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    Kumba v. Wildfire

    I see. Good way of putting it.
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    Kumba v. Wildfire

    It seems this is what Medusa/Bizarro did @ SFGA (as well as the mirrored clone, Scream! @ SFMM). The layouts between those and Kumba are quite similar; yeah not exact clones to it but still very similar. With that said I wonder if any Kumba fans also admire Bizarro and Scream! for similar reasons..?
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    Have You Ever Gotten Stuck on a Ride/Coaster?

    Restraints stuck closed for a moment after a run on Mean Streak in 2007.
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    Strangest Coaster Layouts

    Wanna bump this thread to mention Big One @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Lots of kinetic energy wasted over tame hills. And has a terrible looking support structure.