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    Coasters & parks that mean a lot to you

    The RollerCoaster (now Nick Streak) BPB. It's sat in the shadow of the Nash and Dipper for most of its life, it's operated faultlessly, it doesn't grab headlines, yet up until the recent conversation into the Streak it maintained its classic nostalgic charm, it even ran without any form of lap...
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    What is worst coaster ever?

    Hero. No question.
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    Dubious Claims

    Icon: Europe's first double launch coaster. .......Revolution anybody?
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    Wild Mouse at BPB Closure - R.I.P. 1958-2017

    It was a mirror image of the original BPB mouse. It left the station and turned left to the lift where the BPB mouse went right. It also went straight into the S bends as the BPB mouse did before it was extended in the 60s
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    Wild Mouse at BPB Closure - R.I.P. 1958-2017

    I can see both sides to this, and I have to admit it still pains me to see that empty gap where the Mouse should be, but then again a new ride wouldn't ease that pain, because it is just as awful seeing Infusion on the Log Flume site. BPB have for some unknown reason, made a habit of closing...
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    The future of water rides at dry theme parks?

    Let's not forget BPB closed down a far superior Log Flume to any M£rlin owned version and replaced it with a second hand SLC! They also closed the Vikingar a couple of year previous so it's not just down to Merlin.
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    Your Year in Review: 2019 edition on page 5

    A brief one from me since I don't do counting 'credits' New parks visited in 2018: None Days spent in a theme park in 2018: Unknown, again I don't count them. Favourite new ride of 2018: Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach Favourite new park of 2018: N/A Highlight of 2018: Having two amazing...
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    the best Rollercoaster in every (Kind of Major) Uk parks.

    Bpb= Grand National Alton towers= Wickerman Thorpe= Stealth Flamingo Land= Velocity Fantasy island= JO Lightwater valley= the Ultimate Drayton Manor= Shockwave Chessington= Dragons Fury Brean= Astro storm Oakwood= Megafobia
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    Queue Behavior — Why do they stop?

    I witness this each time I visit BPB. For some reason it happens on the Avalanche almost every few minutes with the op having to get on the microphone and instruct people to move down and form a second line behind those waiting in the gates. The Big One is another such problem, people get to...
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    Best family coaster in England?

    Streak for me. Big enough (70ft) and fast enough (40mph) to make the younger ones feel it's a big ride, yet gentle enough not to put the fear of God in them. It also does enough to entertain most adults and IMO the back straight is one of the best section's of airtime at BPB specially after a...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    BPB have always aimed for 'spring' historically and in today' climate (complaints /social media ect) it makes perfect sense. Look at the backlash Alton have had so far this year. People start claiming they have paid for hotels, and all that jazz, where as they have no grounds for any complaints...
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    Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood

    I wouldn't' about -1 I have been on the RollerCoaster (Streak) when the track was covered in reasonably deep snow. So long as it has been bedded in well -1 shouldn' cause any big problem'.
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    What is even funnier about this is the same members of the public were calling the Wild Mouse dangerous and too rough. You know, the Wild Mouse that had a top speed of 14mph and a high point of around 35ft was too much for the little snowflakes, yet this, with its 50mph launches and almost 90ft...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch

    I believe it's 1.2m but 1.5m for the back row. (Temleh? )
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    Wild Mouse at BPB Closure - R.I.P. 1958-2017

    Jamie, you' be surprised of the state the RollerCoaster was in in 2009. I don't' know if you were around then but it was removed from the ride line up and officially closed for the season though it did randomly open up when the park was busy, however between these times the rust on the rails was...