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    Which Coasters Have You Had a Zen Ride On?

    Excluding Kiddie Coasters, actually quite a lot come to my mind. All of them between 2018 and 2021: -Wildfire at Kolmarden First Ride of the Day. I took the hotel entrance and had a shorter walk to Wildfire, so the first ride was me alone in the train. -Magnum-XL 200 at Cedar Point On a rainy...
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    Legoland Deutschland | Maximus: Flight of the Guardian| B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    According to the German newspaper "Augsburger Allgemeine" the coaster will go briefly upside-down and the riders will sit on the left and right side of the track with nothing above or beneath them. I think the possibilities are high that Legoland Germany will receive a small B&M Wing Coaster...
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    Legoland Deutschland | Maximus: Flight of the Guardian| B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    The press release stated that the coaster can be ridden by Childs in primary school, so 6-8+ years old. Even though I would love to have an Axis at one of my current home parks, I think the minimum height could be a problem. More than 1,20 m seems unlikely and I would expect that the Axis has at...
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    Most surprising coaster addition ever?

    A few in Europe come to my mind, especially in recent years. For example the small parks in France that almost no one heard before getting a rather big addition (Namazu, Objectif Mars, Vertika). I would also put F.L.Y. up as a contender. Obviously there were rumors about a Flying Coaster for...
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    The coaster you've ridden with the highest statistic for each major coaster stat

    Tallest: Kingda Ka - 139 m Fastest: Formula Rossa - 240 km/h Longest: Fury 325 - 2012,3 m Steepest: Timber Drop - 113° Inversions: The Smiler - 14 Oldest: Cyclone (Luna Park) - 1927
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    Your Wacky Worm Count.

    Have ridden 4 new ones in Italy in the last few days, so my number is up to 19 now. Way to many around on the European fair circuit 😂
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    Dreamworld Australia | Steel Taipan | Modified Blue Fire Clone | 2021

    It helps the capacity of the normal line, sure. But the queue of the spinning car will be very long if a lot of people want to try it. Even with it being upcharged (depends on the price of course).
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    Dreamworld Australia | Steel Taipan | Modified Blue Fire Clone | 2021

    In the comments of the video the video creator said that only the second train will have a spinning back car and is currently stored in the maintenance bay. R.I.P. capacity.
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    List of coasters with implemented Onride-Videos

    Taiga at Linnanmäki also has Onboard Cams. Really good quality in my opinion, the only time I have bought a Onride-video / photo in years. iSpeed has them as well but the quality isn’t the best.
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    Ravensburger Spieleland to add SBF Hamster Wheel coaster for 2021

    Tested the ride last week (thanks for sharing my video by the way). The spinning cars were quite disappointing, even for a SBF Spinner. Almost no spinning with a fully loaded car. Nevertheless, with it being the Parks first real roller coaster, it’s definitely perfect for the small kids that...
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    What are the furthest operating coasters you have ridden North, East, South, and West from where you live?

    North: Junker - PowerPark (Finland) South: TurboTrack - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi (UAE) East: Rocket Cycles - Adventureland Sharjah / Sahara Centre (UAE) West: Maverick - Cedar Point (USA)
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    RMC launches Family Hybrid Coasters

    „Airtime Factory“ published a recreation a few hours ago: //insert „Pacing Issues“, „Looks Slow“
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    Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021

    I think the double helix in the second half is one of the best parts. Starting with a stall and followed by two airtime moments (wave turn & outward bank) it is an incredible sequence and way better than I expected after the blueprints got leaked 2 years ago.
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    CoasterForce’s favourite German rollercoasters

    1. Schwur des Kärnan 2. Expedition GeForce 3. F.L.Y. 4. Taron 5. Colossos 6. Karacho 7. Silver Star 8. Fluch von Novgorod 9. Hals-über-Kopf 10. Dynamite 11. Star Trek: Operation Enterprise 12. Black Mamba 13. Wodan Timbur Coaster 14. Flug der Dämonen 15. Blue Fire 16. SkyWheel 17. Colorado...
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    Tripsdrill | Hals-Über-Kopf & Volldampf | Vekoma STC & Family Boomerang Coaster

    Some pictures I took of the construction site earlier today: