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    What do you drive?

    Me: 2007 Dodge Viper Coupe. Black Dad: 2009 Ford Expedition. Black Mom: 2005 Porshe 911 Turbo. Red Sister: 2000 Porshe 911 Turbo. White Not registered on any photo sites so I cant show you the great pics that we have of all of then together. Moms getting a new Ferrari in about a month. I...
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    Rides you miss

    The first thing that popped into my head was Old Indiana. That was the best thing. It was small, but it had charactor. Ok, so I really only rode the miniature train. But all the coasters looked really fun and I rode one of them before the park shut down, cant rememer the name though. i cant post...
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    ^ Mondays will do that to you. I have memery (and spelling) issues. Sorry again.
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    Oh Crap, now I feel bad. Im so sorry that I missed that. The trip was canceled and I completly forgot about it. Again I am so sorry.
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    ^ Thats what I thought but parents are rather anal about the money thing. ^^ I thoguht that it was fine in General Discussions because its not a coaster question and I have always shown gratitude. (Unless I forgot about it)
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    Im going to Kings Island with my school for after prom and I was wanting to know how much things are going to be at the park. The problem: there is nothing on the site that shows the prices of the merchindise and that is going to be an issue. The whole trip to get there and back and the entrence...
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    Missing Intamin

    ^ That is what I was thinking. True Central Florida needs a better thrill ride, but an accelerator is not going to pop up anytime soon. Also, Busch is more than likely going to go with B&M because of there experience wtih them and Disney isn't going to get a large coaster anytime soon. They...
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    Year of birth?

    June 1, 1991
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    The translate game

    "Son of Beast needs to be burned" turns into "This monster must be burned boy" That is reasonably. Being 'son' and 'boy'
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    What Kind of Pokémon are you?

    Sorry, sisters computer is being an ass. I got: NINETAILS: Yourll alful negative and pessimistic, but highly intelligent and level-headed. You like to treat the world rather indifferently, watching with morbid interest as people ruin there lives so you can say "I told you so". This fits me...
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    Top 15 Must Do American Parks?

    ^ What about Amtrak? Alright, Amtrak doesnt go to every city in the US but they serve the major cities and the tickets are about half that of flying. Also, if she was to us the train, going to Sandusky from within 100 miles of it, there will be that "break" that you talked about...
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    Top 15 Must Do American Parks?

    As everyone says, do the East Coast. List: SFGA - NJ Hersey - Pennsylvaina Carowinds - NC/SC Cedar Point - OH Kings Island - OH Dolywood - TN Holiday World - IN To name a few. If you have the time and/or the money to make a Chicago Trip, Six Flags Great America is a great park (For...
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    B&M Hypers; for or against?

    Really depends on what type of ride. Intamin has the best out and back (MF kind of), and B&M have the better twisted layouts (Raging Bull). So depends. Ill go for Raging Bull on this one because of the severe forces.
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    World's Cheapest car...

    Piece of Crap. Eventhough I was spoiled and got a hand-me-down Viper. If i was in the need of a car then that would be on the the last things that I would want. Mother would give me one of her cars than have me in one of those. For people that have money issues, this is going to be a good car...
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    Favorite 3 comedians and why?

    1.) Kathy Griffon. Just a hilarious person that is fine with getting banned from places and making enemies with other celebrities. 2.) Larry The Cable Guy. So stupid that he is funny as hell. 3.) Tom Foxworthy. All the "You might be a redneck if" statements. Those are my three.