Europe’s tallest mega coaster opens

Zator, Malopolskie, Poland

July 14, 2018 – Energylandia opened Hyperion, their new-for-2018 Intamin mega coaster. Standing nearly 253 feet (77m) tall with a 84 degree 262.4 foot (80m) drop, this airtime machine reaches speeds just over 88 mph (142 km/h). Europe’s second tallest and fastest coaster also features a Stengel dive, tunnel and splash effect.

In October 2016, Energylandia released a pair of animated videos of proposed mega coasters from Intamin and Vekoma on their Facebook page asking followers to vote on which they preferred and in November that year the park announced they would going with the Intamin design.

Hyperion is the park’s twelveth coaster to open since 2014, Energylandia’s first year of operation, making it the Continent’s fastest growing theme park. Two further coasters are scheduled to open in 2020.



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