Busch Gardens Williamsburg Announce GCI Coaster For 2017

usch Gardens Williamsburg GCI CoasterBusch Gardens, Williamsburg VA, USA

Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced today that the park will build a GCI (Great Coasters International) family wooden coaster scheduled to open in 2017. The announcement came during the park’s Passholder Preview Day event. The coaster will be 74 feet tall with a top speed of 48 mph and have a Viking theme featuring nine airtime hills.

The name hasn’t been officially announced as the coaster will be the first “crowd sourced” ride giving fans the opportunity to shape various experiences for the coaster including the ride’s name. Fans will have until 1. April, 2016 to choose either Viking Raider, Invadr or Battle Klash as the name by visiting this webpage.

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