Pantheon for Busch Gardens in 2020

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

July 30, 2019 – Busch Gardens announced that Pantheon, an Intamin multi LSM launch coaster, will be coming to their park in Williamsburg, Virginia in 2020. Featuring four launches at speeds of 36 mph (58 km/h), 50 mph (80.5 km/h), 61 mph (98 km/h), and 67 mph (108 km/h), it will include a swing launch as well as a backwards launch and it’s top speed of 72.5 mph (116.5 km/h) make it the fastest multi-launch coaster in the Americas. Other features include a 180 foot (55m), 95° drop as well as a 178 foot (54m) spike and two inversions over 3300 feet (1006m) track, equaling 4200 feet (1280m) counting repeated sections.

Pantheon will located in the Italy section of the park and themed to a series of Roman gods: Pluto, Neptune, Mercury, Minerva and Jupiter.




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