Reflections on Black Mirror Labyrinth

Chertsey, Surrey, UK

May 21st, 2021 – Thorpe Park’s newest attraction opened to the public today. Black Mirror Labyrinth is the UK’s first and only attraction inspired by the popular television series, Black Mirror. Capitalising on the dystopian and surreal vibes featured in the then-Channel 4 and now-Netflix show, Black Mirror Labyrinth is a twisted, sensory-defying mirror maze that puts guests at the core of the Black Mirror universe and wants to keep them there!

The ride, designed in-house by Merlin Magic, has replaced The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare seasonal attraction. The original 2020 opening was postponed by a year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Opening the new indoor attraction at the current time may seem risky to some but Thorpe Park have implemented several welcomed social distancing measures such as booked time slots, mask wearing, and limiting the number of guests at any one time.

Thorpe Park is best known for thrill rides and roller coasters, so a mirror maze might seem like quite a pedestrian choice. However, this is no normal mirror maze. Before entering Black Mirror Labyrinth, guests have their mugshot taken. Once inside your maze, the guest’s image is displayed in front of them and the story prefix is explained.

Let’s just say that things don’t quite go exactly to plan and before they know it, guests are staring in their own pseudo-scare attraction episode of Black Mirror. The psychological combination of special effects such as facial mapping, lighting, illusions and music create an atmosphere in keeping with the series, all of which disorientate the guest.

Thorpe Park’s creative team have produced a entertaining attraction suitable for guests 13 years or above, whether they are fans of the Black Mirror series or not. A mirror maze allows guests to explore and work together, sharing an experience that is sometimes missed on thrill rides. Who would’ve thought that a mirror maze would be such a surprisingly good attraction for Thorpe Park? Now get lost…

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