Adventureland removes Dragon coaster

Dragon AdventurelandAltoona, Iowa, USA

May 17, 2020 – Adventureland began the removal of the park’s classic Dragon double looping coaster to make room for a new one that could open as early as next spring. The Hopkins double looping coaster opened in 1990 and was one of a handful of the company’s coasters still operating. In fact, the only other Hopkins coaster ever dismantled was the wild mouse coaster at Misaki Park in Japan, which closed last year.

While we’re sad to see this unique coaster go, we’re also excited for its replacement come 2021. In recent years the park added two new coasters: the thrilling Monster (2016) and more family-friendly Phoenix (2019). So the addition of a third coaster in a five year span comes as a bit of a surprise. As for the name, the park posted a big clue on Facebook as to what that could be and we’re guessing Dragon Slayer.


Coming in 2021…..

Posted by Adventureland Park on Sunday, May 17, 2020


The park has yet to confirm the ride manufacturer or type, much less whether it will be a coaster or not. However, there’s little doubt in our minds that this will indeed be the case. We also glad that the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t affected Dragon’s removal and are hoping construction of the new ride will go off without delays.



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