11 Incredible Roller Coaster Photos

A roller coaster is a work of art. The twisted sculptures are awesome to ride and great to look at. There are hundreds of photos on CoasterForce and we’ve selected our favourite 11.

1. Baron 1898 at Efteling

baron 1989 efteling
Baron 1898 at Efteling by davidm

This B&M Dive Coaster at Efteling in the Netherlands, has a 56 mph (90 km/h), 123 foot (37.5m) drop into a mist filled tunnel. The moody clouds capture the fear of falling into the unknown!

2. Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure

nitro six flags adventure
Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure by ECG

An angle never seen before capturing two thrilling airtime hills. Image can be found on our B&M manufacturer page.

3. T Express at Everland

t express everland wooden coaster
T-Express at Everland by davidm

Everybody knows wooden roller coasters ride best at dusk. They look great at dusk, too! Image from our Intamin manufacturer page.

4. Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure

hulk dusk islands of adventure universal
Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure by davidm

See what we mean? How beautiful does Hulk look at dusk? Don’t you want to ride it right now? We do! Image posted on our discussion forums.

5. Oblivion at Alton Towers

oblivion alton towers black white orange restraints
Oblivion at Alton Towers by jackndylan

Photoshop time! If you didn’t know that Oblivion has orange restraints, you do now. Posted in the Photography topic in our forums.

6. Manta at SeaWorld Orlando

manta seaworld orlando trickshot
Manta at SeaWorld Orlando by davidm

Whilst we’re talking about Photoshop witchcraft, this trick shot has multiple trains on SeaWorld’s fab Flying Coaster. It doesn’t really have so many trains running at once!

7. Dodonpa at Fuji-Q Highland

Dodonpa Fuji-Q Highland mountain clouds
Dodonpa at Fuji-Q Highland by davidm

No Photoshopping needed for this image. Is there a coaster with a better backdrop? This image is on our Air Launched Coasters page.

8. El Toro and Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure

El Toro and Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure lake reflection
El Toro and Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure by davidm

From the breathtaking to the serene. Kingda Ka and El Toro peacefully reflect in the calm water in stark contrast to their fierce ride experience!

9. Wildfire at Kolmården

wildfire frist drop komarden
Wildfire at Kolmarden by davidm

Some roller coasters are cleverly built to suit the terrain, making them look extra gorgeous. This image of Wildfire’s 160 foot (49m) drop can be seen on our RMC manufacturer page.

10. Krake at Heide Park Resort

krake water splash heide park
Krake at Heide Park Resort by davidm

A water splash on a B&M Dive Coaster looks spectacular to onlookers and this photo captures the moment perfectly.

11. Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point

cear point seats top thrill dragster
Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point by davidm

Anticipation is an essential roller coaster emotion. Here’s that sweet – or maybe sweaty – moment waiting to launch from zero to 120mph in less four seconds before racing 420 feet (128m) upwards towards the sky!

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