Holovis/S&S unveil MediaCoaster concept

Lutterworth, Leicestershire, UK

January 4, 2017 – Immersive media firm Holovis is teaming with amusement ride manufacturer S&S – Sansei Technologies to develop the world’s first Immersive Elevator MediaCoaster, a new form of attraction combining a dark ride, drop tower and roller coaster experience in one.
Labelled as an immersive storytelling experience, the MediaCoaster begins with a themed media and interactive pre-show before boarding the ride, which enters a 360° media dome surrounding riders.
As users experience the show they ascend to the top of a tower before being sent out onto the coaster track, with elements of storytelling all the way through.
Concept images for the new attraction show a rapid descent from an Amazon temple, futuristic space center and Transylvanian castle, with the design able to be customised based on the themeing of the attraction.
“We have paralleled the key structure of narrative based entertainment and applied it to the physical coaster experience, something that has never been done before in this way,” said Holovis CEO Stuart Hetherington.
“We’re combining the thrill of death-defying drop tower and extreme coaster technology with truly immersive media for a unique next-generation experience.
“By adding creative-led emotive story and journey into the attraction design, we are creating a new genre in roller coasters that ensure as physical boundaries are reached, coaster technology can evolve into completely new attractions.”
Tim Timco, CEO and President of S&S-Sansei Technologies said, “S&S is very pleased that our partnership with Holovis will now allow us to bring the Immersive Elevator MediaCoasters to the amusement industry.
“We believe the dynamic, immersive experience of this new attraction will have a tremendous impact on the industry. It will provide a uniquely thrilling, memorable experience that will draw people looking for the ultimate combination of intense immersion and physical thrill.”

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