Kennywood is bringing some Pittsburgh flavor to the park this year with Steel Curtain, a giant of a coaster featuring all the thrills you would expect. Not only that, but the ride and local area is themed after their legendary NFL Franchise, the Pittsburgh Steelers (feel free to wear a rival jersey :P). This coaster is the latest from this classic amusement park with rides as old as your grandparents and food that blows your socks off. Never forget Phantom’s Revenge, Thunderbolt, and THOSE TURTLES!

Cedar Point is.. well.. Cedar Point? If you’re an enthusiast, how do you not know about America’s Rockin’ Roller Coast?!? It’s the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, featuring some of the biggest twists and turns and launches and heights of EVERY ride type imaginable. It’s more likely then not some, if not all of you, have a ride in your Top 10 from Cedar Point (if you’ve been). If not, what are you doing with yourself! GET THERE!

Kennywood is located right outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one of the biggest major cities as you head toward the midwest of the USA and Cedar Point is on the shores of Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio, with the local charm of a small town but with all the features of a major tourist destination you may find at the beach. Both locations feature everything you need to make this entire trip one to remember. Join us to “Steel Kenny’s Curtain” and make your local sports team proud!

Ride with us!

Meet Up time and Location TBC.

This CoasterForce Live is being organized by Snoo, Antinos, and Tomahawk.
Keep an eye on this page and our Forums for important information.

Directions and ride information can be found on the Kennywood and Cedar Point websites.