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Walibi Holland | Untamed | RMC Robin Hood Conversion

Yoris Kerkhoff

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So many people are hating on this but I think it really fits with the park and it's audience. The old 'realistic castle' style just doesn't fit the Festivalisation which Walibi is undergoing. (I really like this new way of theming btw).
Also, whether you like it or not is something else, but all theming Walibi had done since LG has very high 'Instagramability'. I can imagine many people taking a picture of this (in my opinion pretty cool) paint job and posting it, which is basically free advertising.


I love how this park is begging to be hated upon. A great representation of the target audience they are trying to reach :D

Matt N

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Ah right. Thanks for the clarification, guys!

On a different note, does this mean Merlin's Magic Castle is getting rethemed for next year?


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Ugh. Not surprised at all.
Btw. while the idea of building areas that are "instagramable" by no means is a bad one from a business perspective, it should not be the main objective - which it actually looks like it is here. - Stuff like Avalon and Taron are very much "instagramable", but remains so much more. Obviously.


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Yeah I think that's it. It's good to have certain spots that allow well composed shots to be taken quickly and without thought. I'm thinking the castle down Main Street, Wellenflug down Berlin, Oblivion's drop/tunnel. This, however, just looks ugly from any angle tbh.


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First making of episode. They show the track removal work taking place and the graffiti artists painting Merlins Castle madhouse which will also be part of the new "Wilderness" themed area.
They also confirmed that Untamed will be 36.5m tall.


Well, that's opinions there.
I rode both Thundercoaster and Robin Hood this year, after a part of thundercoaster was retracked just about 1 month earlier.
And I MASSIVELY preferred Robin Hood, Thundercoaster was just rough, and not hardly did anything for me, Robin Hood was slightly less rough, and significantly more fun.
(That said, the better rides on Robin Hood where at the end of a warm day, and at the start it was pretty meh too)

Can definitely see why it's being replaced, but part of me does think it's a shame...

Also from what I've heard Thundercoaster was amazing on opening, and a shell of it's former glory.
Well then... I thought Thundercoaster was rough, but a fantastic ride! It's paced to perfection and has airtime galore.


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Well then... I thought Thundercoaster was rough, but a fantastic ride! It's paced to perfection and has airtime galore.
That said, the first turn out of the station of robin hood was pure ****e, no redeeming qualities at all on that monstrosity
Also the absolutely terrible operations by staff at tusenfryd may have negatively impacted my experience of the ride...