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Toverland | Fenix | B&M Wing Coaster


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I cannot wait to see how those over-water elements look! Love the simplicity of the compact design - I really enjoy B&M's smaller designs that build into their surroundings, a la Baron 1898.


Captain Basic
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Oh my god I'm in love with the whole area! The coaster doesn't look to be the best, but it would definitely be a nice gateway into higher thrill rides for younger guests.

Can't wait to see this all finished!


Honestly I think the coaster itself looks very mediocre and also ugly which is a shame because the rest of the area looks amazing.

Mysterious Sue

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Oh I'm so very, very excited about this. Toverland has come on leaps and bounds in recent years now that is has some cash. The rapids, the spinner, that whole new outside landscaping area with the waterfall. It's all fab. This is what happens when a park is run by a goon!

I'm not too bothered if the cred is mediocre to be honest as long as the theming is good, the music is excellent and as long as it hits its target audience, it means the park will do well and invest in more fab stuff. A wing rider was never going to float my boat so l hope they reinvest in something else substantial (and more intense) later on down the line. They have Troy already so no reason why it won't happen sometime once the family gap has been filled a bit more.


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I think the cred looks great I'm not really sure what people were expecting?

People are like 'oh it's short' - it's going to be the longest of the four in Europe, and the joint tallest and only just not the fastest? And this is at Toverland which we never would have guessed would GET a B&M.

It's full of the really fun swooping elements, low turns and the best inversions for these types of rides?

When people are like 'meh Toverland are just getting a B&M boring' is the day you know enthusiasts are spoilt.


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That 90 degree turn at the top is ugly as ****, but, if there's anything safe to bet on it's the fact that this will be stunning when it's complete. Toverland <3


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I think if Universal Rocks are involved too, @Lofty might wet his pants...

IMAscore is such a good sign of quality - I love it!


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After watching the teasers and now looking at the concept art, who cares how it'll ride, the stats etc It'll look amazing, those who have been remember how immersive the queue for the Alpen Blitz was, so much detail will go into this!

Wonder if there will be anything in the station building as it turns onto the lift? Hopefully a quick sound/visual show as you go by or a Baron 1898 style pre-lift show.


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I'm really proud of Toverland... as patronising as that sounds. This is such a wonderful investment for the park, and the great thing about it is you know they'll only set their sights higher for the next investment. I really believe that this coaster is going to add an extra dynamic to the park not just through the ride experience but the way in which it will open up that back end of the park. Love the colour scheme too, the vibrancy should make the park pop a little more!
The whole area looks stunning. It fits next to the rest of the park. I'm already curious about what they'll do with the second lake in a few years.

I hope that with this investment, they'll do a refurbishment in the Troy Area, so that the whole park looks fabulous next year.