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@Ethan There are so much more tones between Black and White in this world. Believe me or not - personally I am able to like or even love a ride, even if it is not the best and newest one. There are things I don't like (that much) with BB, but it is not a reason to blame the whole experience, especially when for me the fun still outweighs them.
You state Phantasialand as your favourite Park. There is another great example: the temple. We all now about the state and it makes me sad. BUT I still love to ride it. It is still a good ride with good characteristics, especially considering its age. And I know it from its Space Center ages.

@Ben If you are referring to me then I would ask you to show a little bit more respect in chosing your words. There is no need and value in getting personal and insulting. Considering rides and its perception there never will be the one and only "truth". Everyone is different and thus his/her perception and preferences.
It is legitimate to think different, but pointing fingers and beeing unpolite is not.

Sooooo it’s OK for you to disagree with everyone and tell them they’re wrong but not for me to disagree with you?

Yeah, OK, sure.
At 3:15 in the Making-of vid for those who didn't notice:
I guess it's a darkride part of Merlin's Quest... ;)

Whether this bridge at the top of the photo forms a passage for the technicians or is it Fenix's queue that interacts with the darkride section of Merlin's Quest?
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The curve at the top grows on me more and more. Everybody likes these on Dive Coasters because they allow you to take in the view, and this will be the highest point of Toverland by far. If you reach the top with the Wingover-Drop right in front of you, that kind of takes away the attention.

I might be repeating myself here but the pacing looks completely nuts.

I'm kind of surprised that they apparently won't be doing anything with that final turnaround, it just goes through the woods. On the park map you can see a stone-circle inside the helix and it also goes over water (possible splash effects similar to Raptor?), but that one is just kinda sitting there... oh well, they might do something with that next season, not like they don't have enough work on their plate.

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Toverland had another special guest tour through the new areas today.

Here is a selection of some awesome pictures taken by Vincent on Flickr:


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This looks so beautiful! Port Laguna does as well!

In fact, I don't even know why I'm surprised because the whole of Toverland looks beautiful!


The more I see Booster Bike in the Background of Port Laguna, the more I like it. It just needs a proper repaint and a 2nd train, but the high-up turns look really nice. It also adds to the Motorbike-experience when you finally have something to look at.


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They couldn't easily add a second train. It doesn't have any space to add a transfer, the layout is fairly short and it was designed for 1 train. It would probably be cheaper to add a new coaster than to add a second train, a transfer and a maintenance building.


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Wow, Toverland have done such a fantastic job with Port Laguna and Avalon, they look absolutely stunning! Also great to see the lakes are now completely filled, and that Merlin's Quest will be in testing soon! I can see these expansions doing wonders for Toverland in the coming months / years, I think it'll really put them on the map. Hopefully they've got some more amazing projects lined up after these have been completed too! :)
Instead of watching some pictures, you can find a couple of videos on YouTube of the final tour on the site.

In my opinion is the video of FunTime Arena the best one to get a good view on everything but the guy is German. Anyway, it's nice to watch.