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Swarming Up For The Season | THORPE PARK | 31.03.2019

Discussion in 'CoasterForce Live' started by Serena, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. nemesis_guy

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    Hmm my first and only visit to Thorpe was 23rd March 2014 with some of you guys/gals, would love to go again for my second visit as I've been pretty inactive.
    I went on the 2014 Sweden live and 2016 Ghosterforce Walibi Holland/Toverland/Efteling/Phantasianland live.
    If you'll have me please count me in as it's been many years since I've been with CF!
    I was lucky enough to ride Olympia Looping in Austria this summer so at least I had a small fix!

    So yeah, I'll be there!

    Cheers, Shaun
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  2. Peet

    Peet Well-Known Member

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    I can make it too for my first ever CF Live :). Mrs.Peet-to-be may be able to come, but will have to decide closer to the time.
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