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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster


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Of course i know what Irony is. The situation that he expected something special for F.L.Y. and what coaster wrote is called irony. Maybe you can call it especially sarcasm, because he didn't knew about the second launch.
Do we know that he didn't know about the second launch?

But yeah, @Nicky Borrill, I have to agree with you there. I am definitely not a fan of flyers, but I'm excited for this. The theming and spectacle of this alone should make it something really special! I'm just hoping the soundtrack is up to par!


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I was in the park Saturday and Sunday, and they've done a really solid job of hiding this from inside the park. If it wasn't for the tower crane (and the view from outside of the park) you'd struggle to know a coaster was even there.

They've done a solid job of the area entrances too, the way in from Berlin looks like a building entrance and the way from Wuze Town looks Steampunk enough to have its own identity, without killing the character of the existing area (which, if I am honest, looked a bit tired compared to the rest of the park).
Isn't that just a part of FLY but further in the distance? Presumably that white building is close to the back of the area where that part of the track is.

IF there is a second coaster, a Vekoma family suspended one would make sense to make this a similar setup as Taron and Raik.
IMG_20190903_001205.jpgWhat I just wondered when reviewing this aerial photo...

Why did they not build the wall higher to the back of the Berlin street?

Surely it is not intended that you look at the ugly backstage from your room on the top floor of hotel Charles Lindbergh?

So I ask myself if the wall becomes higher or are there other plans that prevented this from being done in one go during the construction of this wall...

I stay curious (bleib neugierig)! :p


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I think this is for "Saven"
I agree that it's definitely a family boomerang and It won't be going to Phantasialand (because they already have one) but the track is the completely wrong colour for Saven, so maybe it's for another family boomerang we don't know about?