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Paultons Park | Tornado Springs | New Area | 2021


I think ( while sad to say ) they have enough coasters for the moment, more indoor attractions are needed and a dark ride would be what I would go for next. They used to have walkthroughs and that can be a cheap way to add and indoor experience so mabey they could do a new one.

When it comes to coasters I like the idea of a GG thrill woodie next but ( correct me if I’m wrong ) this would make paultons park have the most coasters with no “extreme” one, there are no rules to how many coaster you can have without an “extreme” coaster but I can see there next coaster filling this gap. A vekoma launch looper like formula at energylandia or an RMC raptor would provide that next level of coaster to their lineup.

Djurs sommerland with piraten is a good example, a park mostly aimed at family’s with an mega lite in it, hopefully paultons does something similar. I do think it we be quite a while for the next coaster though, but happy to see them looking into future investments.


Honestly, I think the park lineup at Paultons Park is quite well rounded for their target market. I think the weak links now are:

- Inverting Ride(s)
- Water Ride(s)
- Dark / Indoor Attractions

They’ve got a small travelling flume ride which is always popular, but surely that won’t last forever and the park will outgrow it eventually. I think a proper flume or rapids would be a great investment, perhaps with another flat / coaster over the top or intertwining with it.

Dark rides are lacking, as well as indoor attractions too. They do have a lot of covered play areas and walkthroughs etc, but nothing with a proper transit system. Something like Ninjago or Maus Au Chocolate would be a great bet. Maybe even Trackless like Basilysk at Legendia. Only issue is they’re throughput machines and costly to run, does the park get enough attendance to justify the large cost of such attractions?

Inverting rides are a given and will no doubt happen soon, as the parks younger audience grow up, they’ll have to evolve the line up to keep the families coming back. Something like a Star Shape from Zierer or a Air Race from Zamperla would go down a treat with their lower restrictions.

Matt N

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Are there any pictures where I can see these supposed coaster footers, as I’ve looked through aerial views of Tornado Springs and can’t seem to see them?

As for what the coaster could be, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did go for something more thrilling, as they seem to be gradually upping the ante of their installations thrill-wise. Equally, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw another family coaster.


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I think Paulton's is just gonna become the UK's Djurs Sommerland, where they just keep adding decent-ish family-thrill coasters.
I mean, sounds pretty good tbh. Compared to parks like Thorpe Park, which get a bouncy castle and a maze which never opened.


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The new footers are there guys, chill out.
I’m sure photos will appear in time or even better, come support a brilliant park by visiting and you can see them yourself 😊


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Maybe you could go down and support the park and, while you’re there, take some pictures

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You know, it’s funny how you never know who you’re talking to on the internet...

I could take pictures for you every day from the park.

But because of your attitude now I don’t think I will 🤪