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Which is better?

  • Nemesis

    Votes: 27 84.4%
  • Nemesis Inferno

    Votes: 5 15.6%

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Poor Nemmy: The Sequel never had a chance

I think the storage-container designed volcano was very unique though. Everyone clap for Merlin.



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Anyone who refers to Nemesis or Nemesis Inferno as 'Nemmy' is awful ;)

Nemesis does win this, just because of the absolutely relentless forces that it offers - but I do really enjoy riding Inferno, it's a really solid coaster in my opinion.


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I prefer Nemmy, although Nemmy Inferny is still very good - easily one of the best rides at Thorpey.


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^ Terminator

But yes, in this case, Nemesis is better. Inferno's not bad, but it's a standard layout, with not much more exciting about it (tunnel's pretty cool though)